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Tasting Notes: Signatory Laphroaig 6

Laphroaig 6.5 year Un-chillfiltered, bottled by Signatory (dist. 2000)

Maturation: refill sherry butt; Cask no. 3671; Bottle 104/726.

Alc/vol: 46%

Color: yellowish-amber.

Legs: med-large beads, slow drip.

Nose: big chocolatey peat at the fore, with oats and hay, then flowers, and finally a healthy slice of pecan pie.

Palate: the peat and semi-sweet chocolate combo remains up front and dry, with a considerable chalk-eraser dusting of smoke on the mid-palette, balanced by an oatmeal maltiness and a hint of rhubarb tartness. All with a touch of medical bandaging woven throughout.

Body: big body; very dry, nearly powder.

Finish: warming, long, with the powdery mouthfeel persisting.

Overall: while not quite as phenolic or salty as the OB 10 year, smokier and peatier, perhaps. Deliciously dry, with a farms-at-sunset flavor. The sherry mixes in subtly, as if it imparted a hint of sweetness and then escaped quickly. A rival to the Quatercask, though not as complex. Only a scintilla of transmogrification by the sherry refill butt, this is very young Laphroaig at its best.




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Whisky Party

Whisky Party

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