Tasting Notes: SMWS 29.104 (Laphroaig 20)

Not for wee boys

Whisky Party
Dec 9, 2017 · 2 min read
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Distilled October 1990, Price of $140

ABV: 58.2%

Cask: Refill sherry butt

Color: A gold that wouldn’t have made me guess it was refill sherry

Nose: Lemon and light dark fruits with grain. A nice sherry with only a slight hint at a Laphroaig iodine

Taste: like the nose promises, this is sweet. There’s definitely smoke that surrounds it, but it’s a nice sweet grain with a bit of sharpness to finish

Overall: This is a Laphroaig that hits more at the beginning than at the end. I always love sherried Laphroaigs, but this honestly tastes more lik e a refill barrel with only a hint of a sherry. You taste the grain and the Laphroaig here, uncomplicated from the sherry, but a lot more going on than the standard bottlings. Nice job, SMWSA

Official Tasting Note:

A big nose with lots going on. Carbolic soap, sticking plasters, treacle, hot smoked salmon, burnt heather and liquorice root added to the anticipation. Then a youthful woody spiciness together with jerk chicken sauce (rosemary, thyme, cloves, honey). The palate was massive with concentrated flavours and bitter woodiness. Water brought out prunes, raisins, lemon juice and old campfires. A musky aroma accompanied some lighter floral notes. A brief hint of struck matches to taste gave way to tannins, burnt heather, liquorice sticks and lots of sweetness. It benefitted from some water to calm it down. Of the three Kildalton distilleries, this is the one closest to Port Ellen.

Thanks to SMWSA for the samples

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