Tasting Notes: Tuthilltown Spirits’ Hudson New York Corn Whiskey

Whisky Party
Jan 24, 2018 · 2 min read

At the end of our very interesting tour of the Tuthilltown Spirits’ distillery we enjoyed a tasting session in their quaint farmhouse/shop. Surrounded by barrels of whiskey everywhere, there were many varieties of Hudson Whiskey to sample. This un-aged new make Corn Whiskey surprised me as one of my favorites.

Hudson New York Corn Whiskey

Abv: 46%

Color: vodka

Legs: medium-to-large sized beads but slow and many of them; they just keep dropping; slow enough that waiting for them to take the photograph required some patience

Nose: corn fuel (shockingly), but also corn cob, corn bread, and a hint of buttery, saltless popcorn; the currants I usually associate with new make are also there, with some other, subtle berries (rasberries?); the corn bread prevails as the most significant, and the nicest, note

Palate: fried corn, more corn bread, and a considerable mentholic quality stand out; some tropical fruits (pineapples?) also come into play

Body: light but not too light, with a slight firmness and an even mouth feel; much more structure than your average moonshine

Finish: considerable; toasted corn bread

Overall: when I originally tasted this at the distillery, I loved it — still do. No aging? No problem. And for $28/375ml it’s considerably cheaper than its aged, expensive counterparts. This fresh-off-the-stills dram has just a slightly ethanolic nose, but the overall breadiness of the corn flavours is awesome.

Whisky Party

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