I Am Reborn!

Radhika Ghosh
Whispered Verses
Published in
Feb 15, 2024



The shadow of the past
Looks down at me,
Stretching its wild, slender fingers.
It comes back again
To trap me in a never-ending maze.

I look up with a vain hope
In search of a saviour,
A knight in shining armour
Riding on a white royal horse.
I gasp for a breath!

Moments pass like eternity
As I drown deeper and deeper
My toes touch the oceanic blue floor.
I paddle relentlessly, waving my hands in the air
But nothing can save me from myself.

Until I wake up from the depths of the water
And bury that shadow —
Dead in my heart.
A regained consciousness, a new gift of life
It’s no more looking back for me.