Invisible Connections!

People, places, events.

Radhika Ghosh
Whispered Verses



I pass by the shop at the corner every day
The one that sells cheap chocolates and daily essentials.
I gather my daily tidbits at jet speed
While the owner looks at me with peaceful eyes,
Reminding me of my late Grandpa and that long-lost childhood.

He greets me with a warm smile,
A smile that is genuine and heartfelt.
In spontaneous reciprocation, I put on a plastic smile
Which lingers on my lips throughout the day,
Saving my back during odd times.

It becomes a daily ritual
Of spending a few moments at the shop.
My groceries are just like me
Boring and inexpensive.
But that old man keeps my heart alive.

As two strangers cross their paths every day,
They share an invisible bond
Where one nods and smiles
And the other is only left with nostalgia for her growing-up days.
The old man becomes a part of my history.

#NaPoWriMo, April 10th 2024