The Perfect Valentine!

Radhika Ghosh
Whispered Verses
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1 min readFeb 14, 2024



Your love lights up the darkest corners of my life
As I emerge from the depth of loneliness,
Your touch enlivens me and inspires me to live on
And I fall in love with you with complete madness.

Your name still lingers on my colour-rimmed lips
While the kohl-smudged eyes seem so lost,
Ornaments and accessories fail to beautify
It’s your love that adorns me the most.

The night ushers in with your memories
And my heart goes back to the good old days,
I close my eyes to feel one with you
And promise to love you in wondrous ways.

As the moon guides me on the way back home
I’m still away from you, a thousand miles.
My home lies a continent away
In your loving embrace and dimpled smiles.

My struggles, my pains — all drift away
On hearing your voice and a glimpse of your face
I retire at night to meet you in my dreams
Reaching out, to drench in your loving grace.