Unsent Letters

The unsaid and the unheard.

Radhika Ghosh
Apr 14, 2024

Dear You,

Apologies for the long wait
For the broken promises of meeting soon
Life happens all the time
Drifting us farther from each other.

The last time we met
I remember how I kissed you
Engraving a promise to come back soon
After a hard day under the starlit sky.

But I’m not a good admirer of your charm
My mind wanders, my heart flutters
On meeting other ingredients that give me happiness
As life continues to intoxicate me with its ceaseless surprises and shocks.

With a weary body, heavy feet and tarnished soul
Today I come back to you to find my old self
When your fragrance lingered in my memories
And the touch of every inch of your body breathed life into me.

It’s time I feel alive again!

#NaPoWriMo 14th April 2024