Until We Sink . . .

Radhika Ghosh
Whispered Verses
Published in
Feb 13, 2024



A misty summer morning
With the sun’s diagonal rays
Touching my nape,
As we slide on, navigating the rough waves.

You tell me a story of two forlorn lovers
A long lost story suddenly brought alive,
By your magic that can turn mundane words
Into an attractive masterpiece.

I share an honest smile
With a drop of tear
Lingering in my eyes,
Vulnerable, ready to fall and sink our boat.

As we row our boat, our voices join and become one
A sudden burst of water lilies,
Or an enchanting smell of the wild shrubs
Add a heavenly touch to the scene.

You sing out loud your favourite tune
As I move to the rhythm of the rocking boat.
This is our life, the life of our dreams
Until we sink and say the final goodbye!