What Product Means at Whistle

Here at Whistle, everyone lives and breathes our products, far beyond than just the Whistle Product team. It is important to us that everyone who joins the Whistle family understands how they contribute to the Whistle “product”, regardless of role or responsibility. One way is by clearly articulating what “product” actually means at Whistle via a Product Manifesto; an attempt to define what matters to us as Whistlers and why. Would be interested to hear your thoughts!

This is Product. We care about our customers, both people and their pets. Never, are they simply users, but rather they are the Whistle family. Product encompasses everything that we do here at Whistle. Every experience that touches our customers, is the Whistle product. We strive to uncover better ways of building products that truly matter to our family. When we don’t know the answer, we own it. We experiment, analyze, foster feedback and iterate to find answers that drive development of great products. Products that are truly valuable, that help guide pet owners through their pet parent journey. Products that are focused on raising happy, healthy and safe pets, in a fun and playful way. Importantly, product is never simply just pixels and bytes, but rather whom we all are here at Whistle.
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