Corporate: Why we can’t all ‘jump ship’

I believe that big business actually has the power to effect positive change. For that you need good leadership. This is why I believe that we, the GREAT ones, cannot all exit corporate! The popular trend at the moment when you speak to everyone, ‘I just want to do my own thing’… Well, of course I support all entrepreneurship goals (including my own) however we still need great leaders in big business to fuel growth in the small businesses we are founding. We need great leaders to use their power to partner positively with governments. If anything, we need great leaders in big business because we need happier employees! Happier employees equals happier families equal better communities equal better society and country culture.

I certainly have matured like fine wine from my corporate experience. Cliche as it may sound, it is a people who influenced me the most. I am though also broken today because of the culture of corporate. The lies, deceit, false promises, mediocrity, sexism, racism, classism, overworked, underpaid, verbally harassed, emotionally abused, undermined, and just invisible. We all have these stories.

I did not know that I was broken until I started talking about it with other equally broken professionals. Not merely venting, but really talking and sharing solutions based on our experiences. I have applied some of the advise from these conversations and I have to say, this is when I started to see a turnaround in my corporate journey. Over the years I have kept a close network of people I can openly disclose the atrocities of what was supposed to be the dream life to aspire to! I have also opened up about those I have hurt and oppressed too. You know the saying, ‘the hurt, hurt’. Well, talking has healed me tremendously and strengthened my competitive edge. I think everyone needs that outlet, to talk… to vent… to get answers or just direction.

And so welcome to White Collar Chronicles

This is a space where corporate professionals meet to speak intimately about how they believe corporate can improve based on the personal experiences of those who have been tirelessly climbing the corporate ladder. The stories shared here will be real life submissions and all of them open to debate. Maybe this way it is all out in the open. Maybe the discussions or arguments give newcomers to the game real insight for what they are signing up for, climbing the corporate ladder. Maybe the narrative will change. Who knows, maybe corporate even becomes the space for great ideas and growing talent, again. All I know is that this cannot be ‘the dream’ we wake up for, 8 hours everyday, for 45 years…

So, send in your story. Share your experience. Use your voice. Share your truth. Be the leader you wish you met when you started your first job.

“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” — Maggie Kuhn
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