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2022 BSC & ChainIDE BootCamp Week-2 Overview

A brief summary of the second week of the Bootcamp

The second week of the BootCamp had invited 08 great speakers with expertise in blockchain games, Metaverse, DAO, blockchain security, tokenomics, and GameFi marketing. All the speakers shared valuable, and up-to-date information with the attendees of the Bootcamp.

The event started with the speech of Miss. Blair, who is the CBO of WhiteMatrix. She shared her thoughts about how blockchain gaming is taking the crypto ecosystem to the next level. She mentioned Gamefi is a recurring thing that you can hear from anywhere, and explaining the impact of GameFi, she told in the traditional perspective, the time spent in the digital world is the wasted time, all the work that is done to make buildings, the strongest characters, collecting device items, or completing the hardest levels over and over disappears once you leave the game. But this is not the case with GameFi, you can keep what you build and sell it to others to make a real financial return, and this is what Gamefi promises. Furthermore, she explained blockchain gaming and notified that GameFi is a combination of game and finance.

The second speaker for week 2, Mr. Kwame Rugunda, the co-founder and chairman of Savannah, presented his thoughts on Metaverse blockchain games, and DAOs on the Binance Smart Chain. He further introduced Savannah to all the audience and told in detail how as a company, they made Savannah, the NO.1 in Africa. Mr. Kwame Rugunda further mentioned that blockchain gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries in Africa and we are at the brink of witnessing an explosion of P2E in Africa.

Later, Mr. Kwame Rugunda introduced Tuzanye Game Guild, a global P2E community with players who maximize performance and borrow NFTs across the Metaverse. Furthermore, he told that Tuzanye is the most productive guild in Africa, and will be improving thousand of life in 2022. He told that there are different reasons that are attracting the African community towards P2E extremely high unemployment among youth, rapid internet penetration, smartphone adoption is some of them.

Miss Han Tang, the founder of the CryptoC and SeeDAO, talked about NFT and Culture Financialization. She mentioned SeeDAO is one of the largest DAO communities in China and discussed the following:

Day 5th of the BootCamp started with the discussion on Blockchain Games, Metaverse, and DAO. The first speaker for the day 5th BootCamp, Mr. Wu Xiao, CEO of WhiteMatrix, and founder of ChainIDE discussed how the world traveled from blockchain to Metaverse. Mr. Wu Xiao has always been very innovative and keeps introducing products to help the blockchain community, he has published several research papers in top-rated conferences, and has been invited by a number of conferences to share his thoughts on different concepts in Blockchain. Besides it, he was awarded the first prize in the China blockchain development contest, 2020. Mr. Wu Xiao introduced some new projects in the ChainIDE ecosystem, and the ChainIDE team helped Matrix World build their Turing complete Metaverse.

The second speaker for the day 5th, Prof. Cai, assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, shared his thoughts and updates about Blockchain Games and GameFi. Mr. Cai started with the introduction of Axie Infinity, later he discussed the dilemma of GameFi, and based on that, he envisioned the future of blockchain games and GameFi. At the end of Mr. Wei’s speech, there was a QA session, in answer to a question regarding what aspects to consider while project selection for investment in NFT, prof. Cai suggested to look at the team, their previous work, buy at the price you want to hold, check the community, the ability of the team to follow the roadmap, furthermore, prof. Cai told that if you’re looking for short-term speculations in the NFT market, the NFT market is already not a good investment direction. And in the answer to another question regarding governments’ adoption of Metaverse and NFTs in the future, prof. Cai answered that he is positive about this direction, and universal acceptable cryptocurrencies are a need for many governments, and is really hard to block them.

Prof. Cai’s team is looking for some suitable GameFi modules for web3 games, if someone is interested in this topic, he/she can visit their website at, can follow Prof. Cai @0xWeiCai, or join their lab discord at

The third speaker for the day 5th module, Mr. Kyle, the CMO of Matrix Labs, introduced the Matrix World, a multi-chain and programable Metaverse. Mr. Kyle shared the concept of an ideal Metaverse that an ideal Metaverse is decentralized and interoperable and told that when we talk about Metaverse it means we’re talking about a virtual world where people can have a digital existence.

The first speaker for day 6 of the BootCamp, Prof. Zehua Wang from the University of British Columbia, the founder of Verilog Audit, introduced the DeFi, and security issues in Defi, including incorrect liquidity pool calculation, stolen and leaked private key, poor access control, frontrunning attack, and Rug pulls and Ponzi schemes. Besides it, Prof. Zehua shared some hacks that happened recently, and the reasons behind those hacks.

The second speaker for day 6, Mr. Malcolm Lerider, overseas strategy director at Beosin, talked about smart contracts attacks, and how we can prevent them from happening. Furthermore, Mr. Malcolm explained a few common security risks that are commonly faced.

All the videos for the second week can be found is on the links are given below.
Day 4: Gamefi’s Road to Victory (Tokenomics, Gamefi Marketing)
Day 5:
Blockchain Games, Metaverse, and Dao
Day 6:
Blockchain Security

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