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BlockChain-Based Gaming! What’s the Difference from Traditional Gaming?

Not only can the companies sell the equipment in a game, but the creator can directly sell to the buyer.
Once a buyer buys any equipment from the creator, the transaction is recorded on a specific blockchain, and the buyer owns the provable it can be either public or permissioned blockchain, depending on the game building company.
The buyer can use the bought equipment to grow more, for example in the case of crypto kitties, the buyer can feed the cat, grow more cat(s), and sell at a higher price to the other buyer who wants to buy it.

Gaming with and without Blockchain:
In the Gaming world, without blockchain, the equipment is mostly sold only by the company.
Once a buyer buys any equipment, for example, if we talk about a stick in the 8 ball pool, after buying it, we can not sell it anymore, and there is no record of the buying, which means the value of our asset is depreciating but this is not the case with the blockchain-based games.
Below are a few differences mentioned between blockchain-based and not blockchain-based gaming.

Traditional Gaming

  • Use Centralized Database
  • Play to Win
  • Assets are Non-Tradeable
  • Lost Revenue
  • Does not empower the creators as much as blockchain does

Blockchain-Based Gaming

  • Assets are Tradeable:
  • Play to Win and Earn
  • Use Decentralized database/ Blockchain
  • Fair Monetization:
  • Empowering the creator
  • Assets have a record on the blockchain, each piece of equipment is known as a Non-fungible token (NFT). Like other crypto-tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., NFT tokens transactions are also recorded on the blockchain. Players are not afraid to lose their assets.

Blockchain-Based Gaming Platforms

Here is a list of games that are using blockchain for storing NFTs as well as transactions that happen among seller and buyer, to have provable ownership of the assets used in Gaming and make it able to resale to other buyers who are interested in buy-in.

An asset in a game is known as a non-fungible token(NFT), which basically means not exchangeable on a one-to-one basis. NFT can be associated with a digital or physical asset. NFTs function like FTs, but NFTs can not be divided, you need to buy a whole token, you can not buy a half or some of that as a fungible-tokens, such as you can buy 0.1 of bitcoin but you can not buy 0.2 of a digital cat. A cat in a game is represented as a virtual asset, once it is created, it is assigned a contract address, and a fee is paid to store it on the blockchain, that fee is known as the gas fee, that goes to miners for storing that information on the blockchain. Once it is assigned a contract address, it can never be changed, and once someone buys it, all the information would be stored on the blockchain such as Transaction address, From, To, Gas Fee, Block Address, Time.
And this information can be verified using the transaction address from anywhere in the world like who sold what to whom, means have provable ownership,

Important Keywords: NFT- digital Collectibles, NFT sale from 2020, from $250m to $389 million,

Gaming Platforms Using Blockchain:

**Crypto Kitties**
**Developed on:** Ethereum
**Consensus Algorithm:** PoW
**Developed By:** Dapper, The NFT company,https://www.dapperlabs.com/

**Introduction:** CryptoKitties is the second world’s blockchain-based game in existence and the world’s first blockchain-based game that got popularity from all around the world and became the world’s most popular blockchain-based game. This game attracted about 90,000 players from Nov. 2017–2019, the peak time for this game was December 2017 as it had 7000 active players at that time.

What’s the game about?
As we can guess, “Crypto-kitties” kitties here are used to represent the cat and crypto means digital. We can call it a digital cat. And the digital cat, similar to the real-life cat, means you can feed the cat, breed it, and it will give birth to a child, and you will own a new saleable digital cat. The game starts with purchasing several digital kitties, and breeding them, then there would be some mutation on their blockchain-based genes, and as a result, the player can get a kitty, and the resulting kitties can be sold for profit to any other buyer who is interested to buy it.


Cryptokitties is available at https://www.cryptokitties.co/. This blockchain-based game is very simple, you need to buy two kitties with Ethereum, you can use MetaMask which is a digital wallet, available at:https://metamask.io/. You can go to the website and explore more about this.

The story behind the scene:
Now, the story behind the scene is that a digital kitty is represented as an NFT (ERC-721 token). As already discussed there are two types of tokens, fungible tokens, and non-fungible tokens, first, you need to buy them, and then you bread them and get provable ownership of more ERC-721 tokens, and you can sell those tokens to another buyer just like fungible tokens such as Ether, Bitcoin, BNB, etc., and all the transactions would be recorded on the blockchain. The game itself does not provide enough information about the story behind it such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, you need to investigate to learn about it.

This is how we can confirm the ownership and check all the transactions related to an account on the blockchain. The view is from the EtherScan, a blockchain explorer for Ethereum, available at: https://etherscan.io/,

You can copy any of the gamer addresses and paste in the blockchain explorer and check the transaction history, for example, the below-given address, 0x377De8fCE168AF3b045e4bA51e819695f9A058A7

Town Star is a new game introduced by some of the brilliant minds behind Zynga, FarmVille, and Words With Friends. This game is powered by the Gala blockchain, a system that allows identifying the assets that users own in the game. Within the game, you can buy and sell these assets via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) integrated with the Ethereum blockchain. Check out Town Star on the OpenSea Market, https://opensea.io/collection/town-star

When you first join this virtual world, you’re initially introduced to a screen displaying the world map. This entire world is made up of small land plots where you and all your fellow farmers across the globe can settle. These players will provide you with both companionship and valuable trade. From this map, you can choose any Terrain you

would like to set up your operations in. Choose your plot wisely because that choice can mean the difference between succeeding or failing in Town Star.

When it comes to gameplay, Town Star is well noted for its similarity to FarmVille. Players raise crops on their land, harvest them, combine them with other ingredients, sell them on the market, and reinvest the profits earned to upgrade their farms and buildings. The more profits you earn and the more improved your digital assets are, the more prosperous your town will be.

Town Star also has a leaderboard where players compete with each other to earn rare in-game items. This motivates players to regularly play the game as breaking their streak will lower their position on the leaderboard and their chances to get better rewards.

The key to succeeding in Town Star is proper resource management. You’ll frequently find the production of your crops coming to a stop because you have run out of a valuable resource. While there’s no easy solution to this detrimental problem, you’ll eventually figure out how to overcome these issues!

Use of Blockchain
As Town Star is connected to the blockchain, players of the game can own the items they either purchase or create. The security of these transactions makes it easier for players to engage in trade without worrying about being scammed. You can hence earn real money by selling these items in the marketplace.

Blockchain-based games benefit from the features of apps. Compared to traditional gaming, the items sold by the operators are usually depreciated and not saleable to any other buyer, while in the blockchain world, the items are like real-world assets. Therefore, blockchain games need more security also.

Readers are suggested to go through the blockchain-based gaming platforms for the experience and know better how they are using blockchain.

Platforms to explore:
Dappradar: https://dappradar.com/
Cryptokitties: https://www.cryptokitties.co/
Townstar: https://app.gala.games/games/town-star/

Thanks for reading. We will keep you updating with the top trending topics in the blockchain.

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