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ChainIDE collaborates with Matrix World and Flow to build a global developer community and metaverse ecosystem

On the 8th of October, 2021, ChainIDE reached strategic cooperation with Matrix World and Flow to seek more opportunities in the global developers’ community and metaverse ecosystem construction.

ChainIDE, originally developed by the White Matrix, is a cutting-edge cloud-based blockchain integrated development environment that supports over 10 best-known underlying blockchain layers including Facebook Diem, Ant Chain, Ethereum, Webank FiscoBcos, Huawei Kunpeng, Qulian Filo, etc. ChainIDE enables users to quickly invoke, query, develop and deploy the underlying blockchain system services through simpler settings and commands. As of August 2021, ChainIDE has assisted developers in more than 165 countries with over 5 million smart contract compilation services and 70 million blockchain middleware flows worldwide. As the main flow entrance, ChainIDE intends to facilitate developers to explore new territories in the world of blockchain for easier flows and more innovations.

Matrix World is Turing-complete multichain cyberspace that offers 3D programmability and lowers marginal cost for Metaverse creations and experiences. Beacons will be provided for Matrix World, and code is key to agglomerating the multiverse with the purpose of ultimately combining them into a metaverse entity. This entity offers users a Metaspace capable of creating AI Generated Contents(AIGC) and User Generated Contents(UGC) through a 3D low code framework. Matrix World is so designed to avail DApps of an immersion experience for Metaverse users.

Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain, designed as the foundation for a new generation of games, dApps, and the digital assets that power them. With over 2.5M+ wallet accounts on Flow mainnet, the momentum of ecological connections on Flow is stronger than ever. Warner Music,NBA, NFL, Laliga, nWayPlay (Olympics), and the upcoming UFC platform are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. Meanwhile, the Flow team has rich experience with revolutionary blockchain applications launching like CryptoKitties, NBA TopShot.

“We expect to provide a development-friendly, efficient, and convenient online IDE platform for all on-chain developers,” said Xiao Wu, founder of ChainIDE. “We shall strengthen our partnership with Flow to bring more exposure and innovation to the blockchain ecosystem. It is the greatest honor for White Matrix to be able to accompany developers around the world in their exploration of the new territories in the blockchain.”

Matrix World has also offered a free digital collection for all ChainIDE developers and Flow Fest to promote the multi-party developer community and ecological exchange communications.The detailed information is available at the official website on ChainIDE, Matrix World and Flowverse.

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