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ChainIDE Tutorial for Ant Financial Open Chain

On January 14, 2020, Ant Financial’s Open Chain announced that it would use the smart contract cloud development tool ChainIDE to bring developers a smart contract middleware system with one-click compilation, design, deployment, test, and call, based on the development alliance chain system. Software system. This open beta test of middleware could provide developers with a full range of self-developed middleware systems and developer ecosystems, including IDE, testnet, developer wallet, browser, tutorial and other integrated services.

Ant Financial OpenChain (Ant OC) is an open BaaS platform based on Ant Financial and Alibaba Cloud’s private blockchain. It is a basic blockchain solution in the industry. Ant Blockchain BaaS aims to build an open collaboration platform, which can provide convenient services for enterprises and individuals around the world and bring more equal opportunities.

ChainIDE is the first cloud IDE to support the Ant Financial OpenChain testnet. Users can experience the various functions of the Ant Financial OpenChain testnet on ChainIDE.

Ant Financial is well known and popular in China and even worldwide. The open consortium chain launched this time by Ant Financial has received great attention, so White Matrix wrote this brief tutorial, hoping to help more people understand ChainIDE that supports the Ant Financial open chain.

First, type in ChainIDE (https://chainide.com/)in your web browser, and the following interface will come into your eyes. There are many blockchain modes to choose from, such as IOST, COCOS, Fisco, etc.

All blockchains are also divided into two types, consortium chains and public chains. The ant blockchain we introduce here belongs to the consortium chain. Click try in ChainIDE here in the picture to enter the ant blockchain version page. At the same time, there is another more direct method, directly type in the URL (https://antblockchainide.com/) in your web browser to enter the Ant blockchain ChainIDE version page.

The details of the page are shown below. This page is a welcome page with links to the ChainIDE official website, Ant Financial open alliance chain and Ant Financial external resource, and White Matrix company official website.

If you already have a ChainIDE account, you can directly click Sign in in the upper right corner to log in.

If you do not have a ChainIDE account, you can click Sign up to register, and fill in the verification code received by the registration email to complete the registration.

Next, introduce the Ant blockchain ChainIDE operation interface in more detail.

The two buttons in the upper left corner of the interface can select the network and account. At present, only AntOpenUnionChain and WM-Ant-Test are available for selection, and more options will be opened in the future.

There is also a three-line button in the upper left corner. After clicking, there are two options: file and view.

In the file, you can create new solidity files, new files, folders, save, close files, and export projects.

In the view, you can select the working window to be displayed on the interface, including explorer, search, interact, transactions, output, messages and other windows. Among them, explorer, transactions, and interaction are permanent windows displayed on the left side of the interface. The output and messages windows can also be opened using the shortcut keys in the lower right corner.

Next, we introduce the core operations of ChainIDE.

The Explorer window shows that we have compiled contracts (right-click can also perform related functions of the file), projects and templates. Currently, White Matrices have given many templates, such as Coin, Hello World and Purchase.

We open template Coin.sol here. Configure, Compile, Deploy and Save can be performed in each file. The operation buttons are located at the top of the code in the figure and can also be operated in the Explore window. The operation result will be displayed in the three windows of Output, Transaction and Interact.

In addition, right-click in the code window to select the operation instructions for Change all occurrences, cut, copy, and command palette. At the same time, there is a small thumbnail on the right side of the code window to quickly locate the code.

In general, operation on ChainIDE for Ant Financial Open Chain is relatively easy because of the simple and integrated interface. All developers can easily find and implement all routine development operations.



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