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ChainIDE Third-Anniversary Celebration

We are happy to announce that it’s time to celebrate ChainIDE’s third anniversary, and to celebrate it, we have joined hands with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to jointly launch the NFT Builder Competition. Furthermore, we have launched the ChainIDE x Partners joint Giveaway campaign, and we have invited our partners such as Polygon, Conflux, Gitcoin China, and BNB Chain, to hold weekly giveaway activities during that campaign.

AWS and ChainIDE are the official sponsors for the NFT Builder Competition.

The prize pool for these activities (ChainIDE x Partner Weekly Giveaway + NFT Builder Competition) is over $10,000. The Blockchain/NFT enthusiasts are invited to participate, show their creativity and talents, get a chance to win prizes, and gain potential investment opportunities for their projects.

ChainIDE X Partners Joint Giveaway Campaign 🎉

For the weekly partner’s giveaway, we have invited our partners including Polygon, Conflux, Gitcoin, and BNB Chain, to share their stories of working with ChainIDE and we have also invited public chain ecosystem developers to share their experiences/thoughts about ChainIDE.

Partners Joint Giveaway Schedule

NFT Builder Competition⛷️

Since last year, NFT projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punks, Azuki, etc. have got everyone’s attention due to their high prices, utility, and celebrity effects. NFT has become the most popular track in the entire blockchain industry. Subsequently, more and more institutions, celebrities, IPs, and ordinary players poured into this emerging market, contributing to the NFT industry. Taking into account all the above factors, ChainIDE organizes from August 01 to August 30, the first-ever competition to imagine and design an NFT project and put your skills to real-life applications. The NFT enthusiasts are invited to participate to create their NFT project after a series of short lectures that will be given on August 05, 2022, 20:00–21:35 GMT+8, by NFT supporting projects/companies including ChainIDE, Matrix Labs, Theirsverse, and some others.

The NFT Builder Competition does not require the projects to be very perfect and full-fledged. Even an idea and a design are acceptable. We cherish the idea of ​​every NFT enthusiast and expect to see some exciting ideas and designs at this event.

  • Advanced NFT Projects: Advanced NFT projects need to submit a design artwork, PPT, project introduction video, website link, Twitter account link, Discord link, etc.
  • Basic NFT Projects: The basic NFT projects need to submit design drawings, PPT, and project introduction video.

Please visit the NFT Builder Competition Website to participate in the competition.

The judges score strictly according to the scoring standards. Considering fairness, the basic NFT projects will be calculated according to 70% of the scores in the first round of evaluation, that is, the judges’ scoring stage and the judges’ scores will account for 70% of the total score. The audience of the NFT Project Demoday will conduct the second round of scoring, and the scoring at this stage will account for 30% of the total score.

  • The Most Creative NFT Award丨$1000 by ChainIDE + $2000 (Vouchers) by AWS
    This award focuses on the design concept of the project, and the narrative, unique culture, and bold and innovative ideas that attract users will be the plus points of the judge.
  • The Best Designed NFT Award丨$1000 by ChainIDE + $2000 (Vouchers) by AWS
    This award focuses on the design drawings of the project. The exquisite painting style, unique artistic creation, and design in line with the times will be the extra points of the judge.
  • The Best NFT Applications Award丨$1000 by ChainIDE + $2000 (Vouchers) by AWS
    This award focuses on the empowering value of the project, and the online and offline utility design and empowering innovation will be added points in the judgment.
  • The Highest Potential NFT Award丨$1000 by ChainIDE + $2000 (Vouchers) by AWS
    This award focuses on the comprehensive performance capabilities of the project in terms of concept creativity, design ability, application empowerment, community value, and project completion.
  • NFT Builder Competition Opening Ceremony
    2022/08/05丨20:00 - 21:35 GMT+8
  • NFT Project Submission Timeline
    2022/08/05 - 2022/08/20丨23:59 GMT+8
  • NFT Projects Review Timeline
    2022/08/21 - 2022/08/25丨23:59 GMT+8
  • NFT Project Demo Day
    2022/08/26丨20:00 - 21:30 GMT+8
  • Result Announcement
    2022/08/30丨18:00 GMT+8
ChainIDE’s Third Anniversary Celebration Events Details

NFT Builder Competition Website
Telegram (2022 NFT Builder Competition)
ChainIDE Twitter

Follow ChainIDE on Twitter to get the latest event progress updates, participate in Twitter events, and have a chance to win Giveaways.



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