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Guess & Win, ChainIDE Discord Campaign

Are you a blockchain enthusiast? Do you know the blockchain terminologies? ChainIDE is launching the first issue of the Guess & Win event in Discord to help you test your knowledge about blockchain terminologies.

The picture shows people from different directions running towards the same goal, and the hands that carry them are clasped together. In the blockchain, we can easily interpret this as two parties agreeing, that is, a consensus is generated. Therefore, the answer is consensus.

See? Isn’t it interesting and simple? We believe that with this example, you can quickly guess the other answers as well.

We need you to follow some rules, please complete the following steps:

1. Follow ChainIDE on Twitter and retweet the Guess & Win Tweet
2. Join the ChainIDE Discord
3. Write all the answers in the order in a single message in the ChainIDE Discord, in ⚄ guess-and-win channel:

For example:
1. Blockchain
2. Testnet
3. XXX

4. The answers should not be edited. If there are edit traces, it would be counted as an invalid entry.

There are 10 different blockchain terminologies waiting to be revealed.

Time Period:
2022/06/02 15:00 UTC+8–2022/06/06 15:00 UTC+8

Rules and rewards for selecting the winner:

05 top scorers will get 10$ each and a customized OAT for the event, and the rest of the participants will receive a customized OAT for the event.

Get your head on straight and see how well you know the blockchain terminology!

To participate, click here.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our community via the following links:



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