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White Matrix Enters Final Round in the 4th China Blockchain Development Competition

Transferred from China Blockchain Technology and Industry Development Forum:

From July 8th to 9th, 2020, the preliminary evaluation of the 4th China Blockchain Development Competition organized by the China Electronics Standardization Institute successfully ended. Ten review experts conducted a comprehensive evaluation from the four dimensions of innovation, program rationality, document integrity, and level of promotion. Finally, 40 of the 140 registered projects were selected to enter the re-evaluation stage. The following 40 participating teams are eligible to participate in the semi-finals held in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, July 29, 2020. The semi-finals will select 20 teams to enter the final on July 30, and the final will select 10 winning teams. The winning team will participate in the results conference on July 31 and the capital matching conference on August 1.

This review invited well-known Chinese blockchain experts, and thank you again for your support for this development competition. The list of review experts is as follows.

Blockchain technology and application summit cum
The 4th China Blockchain Development Competition Results Conference

In order to actively cultivate blockchain application solutions and create an ecological environment for blockchain technology and industrial development, the China Electronics Standardization Institute is scheduled to hold the theme “Standards Lead Open Source Innovation” in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on July 31, 2020. Blockchain Technology and Application Summit and the 4th China Blockchain Development Competition Results Conference. At that time, leaders of the competent departments, industry experts, and enterprise representatives will be invited to share the latest progress in terms of the policy, technology, application, industry, etc., and to release standardization research results and contest-winning teams.




Blockchain technology company, focusing on development and research on blockchain ecosystem.

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