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White Matrix helped Hyperchain launch Filoop IDE, jointly building a blockchain prosperity ecosystem

With the birth and popularity of smart contracts, a large number of development needs have been generated. Many blockchain project development platforms focus more on the expansion of the underlying development functions while ignoring the convenience of the smart contract development environment and increasing many thresholds and marginal costs for developers. In the industry, there are problems such as “blocky deployment of blockchain”, “difficult operation and maintenance of blockchain”, “lack of application development tools”, “high learning threshold and difficulty in forming ecology”.

In view of this, Hyperchain launched Filoop IDE (Integrated Development Environment: Integrated Development Environment). Developers do not need any environment setup and blockchain configuration. It is a zero threshold for developers to get started with Filoop smart contract design.

Filoop IDE provides a one-click blockchain deployment platform, blockchain visual management system, blockchain trusted public infrastructure, blockchain distributed application incubator and other practical tools, which greatly improves the efficiency of developers, and promotes the prosperity and development of the blockchain ecosystem.

At present, all blockchain BaaS systems and IDEs need to undergo complex environment configuration and system setup. Filoop IDE was jointly developed and launched by Hyperchain and White Matrix to provide a full set of cloud smart contract debugging services for Filoop blockchain users. With Filoop IDE, developers will be able to compile, design, deploy, test, and invoke smart contracts based on the Filoop’s underlying system with one click. Filoop IDE will help the global developer team to save marginal costs. With just one click, the complete middleware system is instantly connected to accelerate the landing of blockchain applications.

Filoop IDE allows the developer team to focus only on the design of the smart contract itself, while breaking through the applicability, saving the development cycle and reducing the threshold to get started. Unlike some blockchains, they are isolated and closed and each control needs to be separately registered and repeatedly authorized. The full set of Filoop IDE can help developers seamlessly connect with the full set of Filoop blockchain services, and provide free acceleration services between the application layer and the bottom layer of the blockchain.

As an open service platform for blockchain, the functions provided by Filo don’t stop there.
1. Visual deployment: Filoop cooperates with cloud service providers to complete the blockchain deployment in a fully visualized manner, requiring only three steps: “parameter configuration, online payment, and automatic deployment”, and you can quickly own the blockchain in 5 minutes;
2. Multi-mode deployment: including cloud service deployment, privatization deployment, hybrid deployment and other modes to meet the needs of different developers;
3. Dynamic node management: support dynamic node management and quickly expand the scale of the alliance chain;
4. Visualized O & M and management: Provide multi-dimensional visual monitoring to facilitate O & M and system management;
5. One-stop APP FiLock: users can access the blockchain application on the mobile phone side to achieve key escrow, transaction signature, multi-type application entrance with truly one-click.

Since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Hyperchain and White Matrix in December 2019, the R & D teams on both sides have conducted academic discussions and in-depth cooperation and achieved the complementary advantages between the underlying technology of the blockchain and middleware technology. After three months of joint research and development, Hyperchain and White Matrix have brought a new IDE development experience to the developers of Filoop Blockchain.

Filoop IDE’s upgrade is powered by White Matrix. As a technology company focusing on the core technology of blockchain, White Matrix has developed cloud IDE/teaching services for more than 20 blockchain environments. At present, Filoop IDE has been docking more middleware modules and gradually improving the powerful cloud plug-in system. In the future, Filoop will work with more partners to reduce marginal costs for global blockchain developers, improve development experience, and accelerate the development of the blockchain industry.



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