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White Matrix Launches “Stellar Project” to Help the Development of Blockchain

Since its birth, blockchain technology has continuously brought new possibilities to this world.

White Matrix, as a technology company focused on the development of core blockchain technology, we look forward to seeing that blockchain technology can bring more new opportunities to the world. ChainIDE, a subsidiary of White Matrix, has helped developers in more than 100 countries around the world compile and deploy millions of smart contracts, making it the world’s largest blockchain developer traffic portal. We believe that we link the most outstanding, geeky, and creative people in the blockchain world, and we look forward to that he “Stellar Project” can allow us to make progress together in the future blockchain world.

We are looking for unique scientists, innovative technical teams, and core enterprises for technological transformation. We look forward to using the most cutting-edge technology to solve the most practical needs of users and enterprises. We will communicate in-depth with a group of core enterprises and institutions, and open up new creative infrastructure, digital upgrades and other creative scenarios. Gather the power of global developers, give full play to the creativity of top talent teams, and accelerate the application of blockchain technology.

White Matrix will promote the most cutting-edge technology, spread the ideas of madness to change the world, and connect the best quality capital and service institutions for the partners of the “Stellar Project” in our own omnichannel. We look forward to using our power to help more partners explore the stars and sea of the blockchain world together.




Blockchain technology company, focusing on development and research on blockchain ecosystem.

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