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WhiteMatrix successfully conducted 8 weeks developers course for African students

WhiteMatrix successfully trained 1000 African students with the knowledge of blockchain technology as blockchain is one of the most promising technologies for future, WhiteMatrix aims to enrich students all around the world with blockchain knowledge, so they can make use of this technology and take advantages. This event was started on the evening of January 31, 2021 at 23:00pm ( 16:00pm West African time), Wu Xiao , head of the Yangtze River Blockchain International Innovation Center and CEO of Pure WhiteMatrix, was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the African Binance Masterclass education series. It continued for 2 months, leaders from Binance, XEND finance, and Bundle were also invited for speech. The team provided complete free training for 1,000 developers in Africa.

The contents of this course were followings:

The meeting started and was hosted by Emmanuel Babalola, the head of Binance Africa. The participating developers reached the upper limit of 1,000 people within 30 seconds of the start of the meeting, and the atmosphere was warm. In total, more than 19.9K developers registered for this event, and the rest of the developers switched to online live streaming platforms to watch, and reached over 30K views in one day.

First, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) gave an opening speech. He introduced the courses and schedules related to the Masterclass, and then announced a fund set up specifically for developers to support innovative projects on the blockchain.

The second speaker is Chuta Chimezie, the founder of Blockchain Nigera User Group. His topic is “Careers in Blockchain Technology”. In the seminar, he showed the basic situation of Africa and the ecology of blockchain developers in Africa. Chuta also introduced developer opportunities in the blockchain field, and actively encouraged young Africans to learn blockchain technology.

After that, Dr. Xiaoguang Zhang, Executive Vice President from the Executive Institute of Binance China Blockchain Research Institute, gave a speech on the theme of “The vision of Binance Smart Chain”. Dr. Xiaoguang Zhang shared the recent progress of Binance Smart Chain, its support for the developer ecosystem, and the outlook for the future of BSC.

The last guest to share was Wu Xiao, the general manager of WhiteMatrix, who gave a speech on the theme of “Decentralizing the world-blockchain and smart contract development”.

Wu Xiao first introduced the overall situation of Pure WhiteMatrix, ChainIDE, Yangtze River Blockchain International Innovation Center and the current developer ecology.

Then, Wu Xiao explained the overall course plan and the overall process of teaching. Finally, Wu Xiao gave some introductory explanations on blockchain and smart contract development, and brought some course previews and pre-knowledge explanations about blockchain to developers in Africa. In response to developers’ questions, Wu Xiao also gave meticulous answers and friendly interactions.

On third week, CTO of WhiteMatrix, Zhang Shuyi was invited to participate in the third week of the African Masterclass open class. With the theme of “Decentralized Application”, this open class shared content about smart contracts and EVM for African developers.

Starting from how to build applications for blockchain, Shu Yi reviewed the technical characteristics and application scenarios of blockchain. After introducing the basic consensus algorithms (POW, POW) and other basic technologies of the blockchain, Shu Yi proposed the blockchain as a new type of infrastructure, which can not only show its talents in the database field, but also has a smart contract. Unique innovation.

After sharing the technology of Ethereum and Solidity, Shu Yi introduced the application features and usage scenarios of ChainIDE developed by Pure White Matrix. ChainIDE is a middleware that supports multi-chain development and deployment, providing a convenient development environment for developers worldwide.

From week 04 to week 07, Yilei Zhao, community supervisor of WhiteMatrix, provided developers with a full-stack project setting up tutorial, cultivate a community of developers from a zero basis, and teach the use of ChainIDE.

First of all, Yi Lei gave a brief introduction to the definition of Defi, explaining the difference between central finance and decentralized finance. Take a bank as an example to illustrate the problems encountered by third-party institutions in the operation process and how to solve the problem of information synchronization between these different entities through the blockchain method.

Then, Yi Lei explained the advantages and disadvantages of the centralized architecture and the decentralized architecture through a comparative method, so that the students have a simple understanding of the overall concept.

Then, Yi Lei gave a brief introduction to the application classification and scenarios in the Defi ecosystem. Basically, the applications we can use in real life have been implemented on the blockchain, from infrastructure (Oracle, Layer2, cross-chain bridge) to actual landing (Lending, Exchange, Derivatives), Defi, A complete ecosystem has been formed, and can have a mapping-related connection with the real world.

Finally, Yi Lei led the trainees to build an application project with staking and farming functions: explaining the principles of how to build a project, how to realize the interactive relationship between contracts, and practice through ChainIDE.

In the future, Pure WhiteMatrix will continue to conduct friendly technical exchanges and developer activities in countries along the “Belt and Road” to jointly build a global developer ecosystem. In 2021, Pure WhiteMatrix plans to conduct blockchain developer activities with partners in more than 50 countries along the “Belt and Road” to help accelerate the implementation of innovative blockchain applications.

Students Interested to learn about blockchain technology are suggested to visit our social media channels to know more, all the videos for this event and other events can be found on our YouTube channel.



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