So it’s decided…

It’s really comical how much time I had spent thinking and talking about the location and format of this blog, which has been on my mind in some shape or form since I relaunched WSL. That’s nearly 5 months of fretting!

I tasked a new hosting company with moving my site over while I went on a 2 week vacation. Of course when I returned the site was down. I have just come off the Nth chat with my new hosting company’s support team, which absolutely pushed me over the edge. “Just one last step” — they said, and then cited something that might as well have been in Chinese. “Fuck it” — I thought. And used the 30-day cancellation policy to pull the plug on the whole Wordpress nightmare.

I was going to summarise the “highlights” of my blogging misadventures, but after 30 minutes of ferocious typing, thinking about it even for one more minute became unbearable. I will never get back those countless hours spent researching how to add feature photo to MailChimp RSS campaign, but best to just cut my losses. Just want to forget the whole thing ever happened!

So I am staying here and focusing on the actual writing and “shipping”. With perhaps a light touch of editing, if there’s time, and minimal formatting efforts. I almost forgot why I started the whole thing to begin with!