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From: My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

5 learnings every Product Designer should absolutely steal from Studio Ghibli movies

1. Keep it simple

Event Input in Fantastical for Mac

Focus on one core functionality. Make it really simple for your user to access, use and become GREAT at that functionality.

The Twitter Quill icon for writing a new tweet

2. Give attention to every small detail

This gif really doesn’t do justice to the awesome castle in Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

the character of a product emerges from all the lil’ details thoughtfully put into it.

Price Range filter in Airbnb

3. Show your human side

Not just a LOLCat. From The Cat Returns (2002)

Let your product be your user’s friend; and not just an assistant.

Slackbot: Slack’s very own TARS

4. Tell a story and 5. Make it flow

Content is the core to any great design.

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Shekhar Gurav

Head of Design @Juspay | Earlier - led Product at NestAway, design of BHIM UPI, founded The Playce