Fallen Guardian Whale Collection

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3 min readJul 14, 2022


10k Collection of IBC compatible NFTs claimable on Terra V2 for White Whale Protocol Users on Terra Classic

The Fallen Guardian collection was originally branded as the Guardian Whales. The collection was supposed to represent 10 thousand whales that were committed to defending the UST peg. However, after the breaking of the UST peg and the collapse of Terra v1, the team decided to rebrand the collection as the Fallen Guardians and launch the collection on Terra v2. The Fallen Guardians are an homage to the users of White Whale V1 who helped defend the peg. We hope users will see the Fallen Guardians as a badge of honor and a way to signal they fought until the end during the depeg.

With White Whale V2 going interchain, we wanted our nft collection to be able to go interchain as well. The Fallen Guardian Whale NFTs are all IBC-enabled cw721 tokens. To send a Fallen Guardian NFT over Interblockchain Communication(IBC), the NFT needs to be sent to an ICS721 contract which handles the transportation between blockchains. The ICS721 contracts are still in Beta. Eventually, the process of sending the NFTs to the ICS721 contract will be abstracted away and users will be able to just enter the chain and address into their Keplr wallet.

109 unique traits:14 Bodies, 9 Backgrounds, 13 Colors, 4 Companions, 5 Faces, 12 Heads, 6 Eyes, 6 Nose, 9 Shields, 5 Teeth, 7 Waters, 13 Weapons

Art by: Julien Blouet

Contracts by: 0xFable with help from superstar Dev from Loop Jei Basinski

Who: Check if you’re on the whitelist

Only one NFT per address, even if you meet more than one requirement

Pre-depeg: block 7544910, Post-depeg: block 7790000


Whale Staker: > 1 whale staked at pre-depeg

Pylon Depositor to WHALE pools ONLY: > 1 UST in pylon pool pre-depeg

Vault UST HODLR: > 1 vUST in wallet post-depeg

If you believe you were wrongly left out of the Whitelist fill out this form.

Where: Mint at nft.whitewhale.money

The secondary market coming soon!

When: Starting Friday, July 15th

The exact time minting will be announced on Twitter the day of. Minting will be available until August 15th. Subsequently, the remaining NFTs will be sent to the White Whale Treasury.

How to Mint:

  1. Go to nft.whitewhale.money

2. Connect your terra wallet, and have some Luna to pay for the gas fee.

3. Select Claim NFT

4. Enter Password and Select Post

Refresh the window and your NFT will appear!

How to Send Over IBC

Warning this process is still in Beta! Do not try this unless you are willing to risk the loss of your NFT or are experienced interacting with Smart Contracts.