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AMA Transcript | Aeneas (ASH)

Q: Share your story of Aeneas creation. What new things do you want to bring to the crypto world?

A: We wanted to bring innovation with practical implementation (political usage) since 2017. We also want to give new power to people and involve them in political crowdfunding like Kickstarter. Aeneas is a general-purpose blockchain platform with smart contracts and NFTs. For now, we have launched the second stable mainnet, Aeneas Exodus 2.0, and from March, 25th it is completely safe and stable.

I represent the international team, but our headquarters is in Kyiv, Ukraine, for now.

Q: What is the goal for the project? And where can you be most proud of at this point?

A: The goal (and perhaps, global mission) is to create a league of city-states — Aeneas Koinon, with digital crypto-aristocratic democracy. The pleasure of current achievements is to have a powerful smart-contract machine onboard your Aeneas node.

Q: I saw on your website that one of the fundamentals of Aeneas is E-Residency. Can you tell us more about it? And do you have a plan to implement Aeneas in other countries? Because I saw that you plan to implement it in Ukraine first, why Ukraine first?

A: Yes, sure. E-residency is an important part of the future tech-4-democracy stack. For now, we have collaborated with Greece and Georgia. And yeah, Ukraine will be the first one.

Q: Your project is building tools to inspire political change, but how can you help ensure that the tools you are building are used only for positive political changes?

A: Actually, this is very hard to predict a thing. But I’m confident that our platform will give abilities (as the voting module, legal crowdfunding, and hybrid intelligence module) to implement some practical tools that will make the political lobbying industry more safe and clear.

Q: Are there former or current government workers on your team? Do you have government partners?

A: Yes, we have advisors from the Blockchain4Ukraine deputies group in the Ukrainian parliament, and we collaborate with nearly 70 deputies of Ukraine.

Q: How does Aeneas plans to endow users to gain influence on the government system through gathering money for changing laws, creating free economic zones, and radical innovations? How will this all work out?

A: We’ve developed a political initiative life cycle. Someone starts and submits an offer. It will have to come through expert network expertise and some deep learning algorithms (that is why I call it a hybrid intelligence module — Euclid). After (if successful), there will be an ASH cryptocurrency round to support it. Those supporting a political offer are investor and pledger of an initiative and potentially would have political dividends.

Q: What do you think is the value of the community (and their opinion) within projects like ASH? Is it indispensable for success in the short, medium, and long term? Or are they only heard as initial marketing strategies to invest in the newly launched project?

A: Aeneas blockchain is based on Fair PoS consensus, so it is logical to predict to have good interest in medium and long term, I think.

Q: Share your plans for the future? What goals do you set for yourself? How are you going to surprise the users who follow and support you?

A: I think the good way for us is to show a real practical use ASAP. So we are going to develop Aeneas (ASH) crypto-economy infrastructure and some political activity from the other side.



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