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AMA Transcript | ARV

Q: Please, tell us how your project is doing during the pandemic. How has the pandemic affected your token?

A: Based on the ARV’s growth rate, it does not seem to have affected much. People are tired of the pandemic, and now they want to take a vacation and travel freely. Collaboratively, we will pass through this pandemic period, and everything will be back to normal.

Looking at your question, we can get the following idea. But for the pandemic, ARV would have already been $1 by now.

Q: How are you connected with the tourism industry? And why did you choose this niche?

A: Didn’t you know that the Ariva project is already a tourism group investment? We did not choose it, tourism is already our job. We just kept up with the times and included crypto in our business.

Q: “Imagine a new generation travel portal where giant tourism companies do not praise themselves or their contracted facilities, where only biased customer reviews are not allowed”. What is your solution to that? How do you plan to compete with Travel Giants, such as Airbnb or Booking? What kind of services are you planning to provide?

A: We have published all project details in 15 languages in the easiest way to understand. Please, visit our website. For a more detailed review, you can check our white paper.

Old-fashioned bookers to the Travel Giants, Crypto Lovers to the Ariva.

Q: How do you plan to attract representatives of the various accommodation properties to book these hotels or apartments on your platform? Since there are so many services with a large customer support service, which are convenient and understandable to use. I am sure that many representatives will not want to work with cryptocurrency.

A: Everyone wants and will want to reach new customers and trade in different markets. Do not worry, we have thought about this a lot. Owners will be able to collect reservation payments in fiat currency instantly. Of course, if they want, they can also be charged in crypto. This is where Ariva.Finance comes into play.

Q: Please, tell us about your team. What are your biggest plans for the next couple of years? What is your roadmap?

A: We prefer not to talk about the team. We believe that it is better for the project to shine, not the CEO or devs. We will not be different from other ARV holders when the whole supply is opened to circulation. Decentralization is the key here.

You can reach our roadmap, which we follow very closely, via this link.

Q: Ariva, in its form and its content, carried within it the renewal in the world of tourism. What I would like to know is this: will we assist in the days or months to come to the independence of our Ariva, with the implementation of the Ariva blockchain to facilitate transactions and become essential in the cryptographic sphere? In addition, will we see the widespread use of Ariva in all areas of the economy in the future?

A: It is really a question that could be answered in pages. But right now, everything is moving so fast that sometimes we have trouble keeping up. We will wait and see together.

Q: Could you tell us about your ecosystem? What, besides the token, is included in it, and what are you working on now? Will there be any platform releases soon?

A: We have three different ecosystem integrations whose design and developments are still ongoing, and the beta versions will be published according to the schedule in our roadmap. Ariva.World is the first Global Travel & Tourism platform integrated with cryptocurrency all around the world. Ariva.Club is a new social media platform for everyone to share their experience about related tourism industries and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. Ariva.Finance is the new generation of payment gateway based on blockchain technology! The one that connects the other two portals to work smoothly and eliminates the problem of the facilities still having to make collections with fiat.

Normally, the launch date of the Ariva.World beta version, according to our roadmap, is at the end of 2021.

But there were so many requests from the community, so we decided to release a detailed demo version at the end of October. And then, the beta version will be released as planned.

Q: In the travel and tourist sector, cancellation or refundable bookings are prevalent. It is simple to monitor payment choices such as credit cards, but it is more difficult in the crypto world because of high volatility in price. How will you deal with the problem of refund?

A: Actually, the system works like this. The buyer pays the cost in the price determined in fiat by the facility owner just exchanging ARV. When a refund is required, it receives the corresponding ARV or fiat:

Booking: 1 ARV is equal to $0.001

Hotel room charge $100/per night: $100 or ARV 100.000

Refund: 1 ARV is equal $0.01

Refund will be calculated: $100 or ARV 10.000.



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