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AMA with BELIEVER | Transcript

We have talked to Mr. Hardik and Mr. Ruturaj from BELIEVER about the benefits their products will bring to end-users. Check out the transcript provided below!

Q: Please, could you briefly tell us about your project.

A: Believer is an Ethereum-based decentralized cryptocurrency that represents a new payment gateway service. It works on the safest technology known as blockchain that keeps all the transaction data in the most secure way.

Q: What is BELIEVER all about, and how does it make life better for humanity? How did you come up with an idea for creating your project?

A: Believer is about making life easier in terms of finances. People can make their digital assets useful with a single tap and within mere seconds. Also, BELIEVER ensures the safety and security of the transactions we provide. Our team came up with this idea when we were facing some issues related to storing crypto and making transactions. We created BELIEVER and are now looking forward to providing this great service to each crypto enthusiast. As for the benefits, such services as a smart card, hard wallet, and secure transactions are designed to make life a lot easier.

Q: What did you think the decentralized payment sector was lacking to be solved with BELIEVER technology vs. many other existing platforms?

A: We saw that it was quite difficult for users to make transactions and buy something with their own digital assets. Thus, we decided to develop a payment gateway that will be useful to various online and offline merchants and stores, and that was not applicable to other assets.

Another thing we noticed was a certain hesitation in handling various crypto assets at the same time. That is why we developed a hard wallet where users can store all the crypto assets.

Besides, we have introduced a BELIEVER smart card where you can keep crypto and make transactions. The latter can be made by swiping the card like a normal debit or credit one that people usually use.

Q: Please, tell us about the BELIEVER smart card. How to get and where to use one?

A: BELIEVER smart card looks like a normal debit or credit card. To use one, you will have to swipe it. Such a smart card allows you to make daily purchases in nearby stores with crypto. Instead of providing a smart card for mere swiping and purchasing, we enable users to store crypto assets on a card and safely lock them. Now, there are many third-party security companies in the market that provide treasury service, which is too costly. We have introduced a single card that can be accessed by the card reader and in which you can log in to easily check your crypto assets.

Q: We would like to learn more about your ecosystem and what you are currently working on. Are you planning to launch another crypto asset?

A: The ecosystem consists of various elements. The first one is a hardware wallet. This device allows people to perform transactions and transaction-related operations in a secure and quick way.

Our second product is BELIEVER Pay that can be used to easily cover bills and all your day-to-day payments. Users can pay for traveling, hotels, and much more, availing themselves of the most secure future with BELIEVER.

The third solution is our own blockchain explorer that will help us provide a unique service. Blockchain explorers can be viewed as crypto encyclopedias. They allow users to find out different details related to transactions on specific addresses, such as the transacted amount, source, and destination of funds, as well as the transaction status. All of it is possible because blockchain data is publicly available.

Q: Why did you decide to start working on BELIEVER 2.0. and what are you planning to achieve?

A: At the moment, we are striving to enhance our system and services, making them even more accurate and secure. To be competitive in the market, we should develop a highly secure system and less costly services as well. Our main focus is on gaining success rather than getting much profit. For us, it means reaching out to each and every crypto enthusiast in the world. It does not matter whether a user is wealthy or not. Thus, we have chosen the dividend system as a coin distribution system for BELIEVER. This way, each user could get free coins worth the amount they are buying. We want every crypto user to fulfill their goals by getting a profit from our coin.

Q: What is so special about your mobile app, and why should people choose you instead of classic banking systems? There are a lot of online banking services in the market now, and transactions are also really fast and secure.

A: Our mobile application works on blockchain technology, so all the data is kept on our blockchain. Users will benefit from transaction fees, speed, and security. We know that various classic bank systems exist. However, we have developed a mobile app where users could get all these services on their smartphone wherever they are.

Q: What is the core strength of BELIEVER at the moment and what are your plans for the nearest future?

A: From the very beginning, our strongest point has been our limited supply of coins in comparison with other cryptos. Besides, our coin distribution system is completely different from the rest. DIVIDEND, our coin distribution system, will provide users with free BELIEVER tokens worth the BELIEVER they purchase. We issue 2 million coins every year: 1 million are distributed for free, and another million are sold. These 2 million coins will not be minted at a go, as 15% of them will be released each month over a period of five months. We will release the last 25% of coins in the 6th month.

Q: BELIEVER is claimed to provide high-end transaction security while working on the verified Ethereum blockchain system. The question is whether the BELIEVER platform is truly accurate, reliable, cost-effective, complete, and fast to identify relevant information for crypto investment decisions?

A: It definitely is. BELIEVER stands out by the accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and security every user looks for.

Stay tuned for more BELIEVER-related news and activities!

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