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AMA with DefHold (DEFO) | Transcript

We held an amazing AMA session with DefHold (DEFO) on the 17th of December. It featured lots of interesting issues, including an innovative product promising to simplify investors’ life.

Check out the transcript of the discussion we had with Artega, the CEO of DefHold.

Q: Your website says that currently, there is no incentive to hold crypto during market dumps other than averaging down the purchase price. DefHold aims at implementing new autonomous yield-generating solutions to reward holders with accurate portfolio and liquidity management. This sounds good, but could you name those solutions and tell us more about how it works?

DEFO: It refers to the staking/farming platform to be released next week. Indeed, it will be based on an early withdrawal fee mechanism where a penalty is applied to people who withdraw their funds before the end of the lock-up period. This feature aims to reward strong investors at the expense of those who failed to manage their portfolios appropriately.

Q: What problems does DEFO solve that others cannot, and how do you intend to change the world?

DEFO: We do not pretend to change the world. However, we can proudly claim that we are developing new and innovative products that do not currently exist in the crypto space. With our future Whale Club, we aim to offer safer and more well-informed investment opportunities. It will be done through the partnership with Block Insight that will review those investment options. This product will also prevent smaller investors from suffering from whale dumping, as their assets will be sold at the same time as those of whales.

Through our global crypto staking platform, people will benefit from non-inflationary revenues. Moreover, we have recently decided to make this platform accessible to any ERC-20 token. It will immediately increase its users, and the EWF will be retained as well.

Q: I have not found any information about mining. Which technology do you use?

DEFO: DEFO is an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 12,000 units. There will never be any mining feature, as the total supply is capped. Regarding our products, they will be built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Q: Could you please tell us about Whale Club in simple words?

DEFO: It will work as a decentralized investment fund. Unlike with traditional funds, there will be no centralized manager. Investors will be able to choose the projects in which they are willing to invest, as well as choose the entry and exit time. This product will offer them a buying power similar to that of the whale.

Initially, there will be three funds with different minimum investment amounts that will also determine the minimum liquidity requirement of the underlying assets. These requirements had to be implemented to avoid scenarios where $300,000 would be invested in a project having only $50,000 as liquidity.

Q: It would be interesting to learn more about your cooperation with BitPower. How will this partnership with a project comparably new to the marketplace benefit DEFO?

DEFO: Our Whale Club will allow people to invest collectively in the projects they have voted for. There will be two kinds of projects: the ones proposed by the investors and those to be reviewed by BitPower (via Block Insight) experts. As well-known industry advisors will review these projects, they will offer safer and well-informed investment opportunities to investors.

Q: DefHold roadmap for 2020 is almost over, and everything seems to be running smoothly. What innovations may be included in the next roadmap?

DEFO: The main objective of the 2021 1st quarter will be to implement at least three additional products to the ecosystem. We cannot disclose many details yet, as they are still under development. However, I can tell you that they will combine lending/borrowing and shareholding/corporate features, as well as marketing tools. Our high-level objective is to develop a wide range of non-inflationary, new, and safe products that can attract crypto projects through specific features fitting their needs.

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for such a unique project as DEFO? What influence will it have on the crypto industry?

DEFO: The inspiration for this project probably came from our traditional finance background. We both got stuck by the centralization present in this industry and are convinced that there is so much development to be achieved in the crypto space. Given the multiple connections and financial benefits DefHold can bring to every project, I would say that our ultimate objective is to become a reference platform. It could offer a wide range of investment products, multiplying the revenues earned via other base tokens.

Thanks for your questions, and get ready for more exciting events coming!




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WhiteBIT is a crypto exchange platform. We guarantee security, reliability and lower fees for our users. Trade your way with us! https://whitebit.com/

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