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AMA with Dtube Coin (DTUBE) | Transcript

Our AMA with Dtube Coin (DTUBE) took place on the 24th of December. Adrien Marie, the Creator of Dtube, and Berk Çona, the Community Lead, answered the best questions from our users. Check out the transcript provided below.

Q: Is there any meaning behind your token’s name?

DTUBE: We wanted our coin to match our website name DTube. The ‘D’ stands for ‘decentralized’, and ‘Tube’ is for cathodic tubes (YouTube and other video platforms have ‘tube’ in their names for the same reason). We own the matching domain name (d.tube), which is really short and cool.

Q: Is DTube going to transform the payout system into a more long-term and quality-oriented one in the future?

DTUBE: I think the current system encourages curators to curate and discover quality content early. We took lessons from our past experience with STEEM, and greatly improved the algorithm for rewards distribution in our new blockchain, which will keep evolving. The quality on the site may be a bit low at the moment, as our user base is quite small (only hundreds of videos every day). Thus, we cannot have the same quality level as bigger volume platforms that have tens of thousands of videos per hour.

Q: There are several projects similar to D.Tube, and I have seen all of them talk about openness, transparency, and the ability to earn coins from posts, tags, uploads, and such. What is the advantage of DTUBE over competitors?

DTUBE: Most of them are not 100% decentralized. They will usually run a classic website and just mint tokens daily, giving them out to their users via transfers. DTube is truly decentralized: your account, videos, comments, and so on, are all a real blockchain transaction, and it manages DTUBE distribution. There is neither a middle-man nor dependence on a private company.

The coin is a high-utility one that allows its holders to contribute to governance by promoting videos through token burning. Voting for videos can influence coin distribution. Also, the foundations of DTube are solid. DTube has been developing for the last three years, and the use cases of the coin can be increased quite easily in the future.

Q: What is DTube doing for mobile viewers? As we know, most people use smartphones.

DTUBE: We are quite aware of the importance of mobile viewers and the mobile app. Currently, we are developing a web app that also works on mobile devices. However, we would not call it very ergonomic.

After implementing some UI features, we will start working on a mobile app. This is one of the top requests from our users, which makes it a top priority for us as well.

Q: How does DTube attract content creators to come and grow with it? Many online video platforms only offer rewards to content creators, what about DTube?

DTUBE: DTube does not reward content creators but curators, i.e., people who cast votes on content. If a content creator publishes a good video but does not have any stake for his own vote, they will not earn DTUBE.

YouTube (and most other centralized video platforms) will give a share of the ad revenues, usually around 60%, to content creators. At the moment, DTube has no ads, as our blockchain and coin were released not long ago. However, we could offer such an option to content creators in the future.

Q: It may be difficult for a newly released social medium to attract users. How do you promote DTube to people who are not familiar with blockchain?

DTUBE: We have been running this project for three years (we used to have other blockchains before). You are right, lots of our new users know nothing about blockchain or cryptocurrency. Teaching them about backing up their keys, the immutability of their account and videos, along with other things, have been a major friction point.

Actually, we worked a lot on this ‘ non-crypto people onboarding’ aspect in the past. A lot of little instructional steps are included in the UI. Our community has also been a great help: users teach newbies, and you will often see video tutorials released on the site.

In order to maintain sustainable growth, we have created a partnership program to encourage content creators to onboard people. With certain incentives, I think it will work great in the long run.

Q: Users wonder whether DTube is based on the curation system and if it would be possible to combine this system with the one known from Youtube to earn DTUBE from viewership, plus curation. Could it possibly work?

DTUBE: That is a tough question. Now, content creators holding coins can earn a bit from inflation if they have some followers. Nevertheless, it is not enough compared to ad-based models.

We currently do not have any ads on the site, but it is an option we could develop on the blockchain level. This would give extra revenue to content creators and increase the buying pressure for the coin. Finding announcers willing to pay for ads in DTUBE would not be easy, though. But yes, in theory, it could work.

Q: The new year is coming, what will DTube achieve in 2020? What are the team’s plans for 2021?

DTUBE: I think 2020 was a tough yet successful year for DTube. We changed the blockchain, completed our fundraiser, and launched a brand new blockchain codebase. Now, we have our own governance.

In 2021, we are planning to focus on adding more utility and value to the Dtube Сoin. We will keep improving the product as we did in the past. We want to make DTube an easy-to-use product for anyone. Thus, most of the Q1 2021 changes will focus on UI improvements and small blockchain hard-forks. In terms of significant features, we plan to add live-streaming and start the mobile app development (probably just a mobile wallet first). Our development is made public on GitHub, and anyone can contribute, even if it is merely a suggestion.

Thanks for the great questions, more exciting activities are coming!



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