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BNOX SMART Staking: Make Your Funds Work for You

We’re happy to announce the launch of two BlockNoteX (BNOX) SMART Staking plans. HODL BNOX for 90 days to get a 10% income or 180 days to make a 30% profit. For depositing BNOX, you will get the reward in BSO.

Both BNOX and BSO tokens refer to BlockBen, a comprehensive platform that provides access to the privileged enterprise blockchain technology and facilitates software development on it. BlockBen is a technological layer behind BlockStock and BlockNote products.

What is BSO?

BlockStock (BSO) is a BlockBen’s technical asset that is 10% backed by gold. Thanks to the in-house developed technology underlying BlockStock, it can settle tens of thousands of transactions per second. BSO benefits from and is responsible for each of them taking place on the platform.

How to receive BSO?

Make a SMART Staking deposit in BNOX and wait till you get a minimum of 1 BSO as a staking reward. Now you can reclaim your BSO in a BlockBenPay Wallet. To do this, take a few simple steps:

  1. Follow this link to set up a BlockBenPay wallet and pass KYC. For a step-by-step guide, check this video.
  2. Add your ERC-20 address to the BlockBenPay Wallet, which can be done on the desktop version only. Note: you can also download a BlockBenPay app on Google Play or App Store to further interact with the wallet.
  3. On WhiteBIT, create a WhiteBIT code for your BSO tokens with a password. It should be done using the address you employed to whitelist on the Blockben platform. You can only create WhiteBIT codes for whole-humber amounts of BSO, like 1, 2, 3, and so on.
  4. Send an email to finance@blockben.com, containing your BSO code and the password.
  5. BlockBenPay will claim your BSO tokens on WhiteBIT, and they will be accrued to your BlockBenPay account.

For further information or in case you need any help, please contact BlockBenPay Support at support@blockbenpay.com.

Join BNOX SMART Staking to multiply your streams of income!



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