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Crypto History Quiz: $500 for Correct Answers & Points for Cryptolympics

How well do you know the history of cryptocurrencies? We invite you to test your knowledge, discover something new, and participate in the giveaway of the $500 prize pool. This activity is part of our Cryptolympics, a large-scale marathon of winter activities.

Here’s what to do to participate:

✔️ sign up on our exchange;

✔️ follow us on Instagram or Twitter;

✔️ fill in this form if you joined us on Instagram, or this one, if you follow us on Twitter.

Prize pool: $500.

Duration: from the 14th till the 18th of February (3 p.m. UTC).

Winners: all participants who answer all questions correctly.

We will select the winners on the 21st of February and send out the rewards within 5 business days (by the 25th of February).

By fulfilling all conditions of this activity, you can not only compete for the prize pool but also get additional 40 points for Cryptolympics. By collecting points in each of the Cryptolympic activities, you are one step closer to a gold, silver, or bronze medal! More info about Cryptolympics can be found here.

Show off your knowledge and get rewarded!



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