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Crypto Lending on WhiteBIT: Earn Passive Income

On our exchange, you can try crypto lending that allows you to make use of free funds to generate passive income. Any person can try it, as no special skills or trading experience is required. In this article, we will take a closer look at the landing mechanism and see how it can help you effectively increase profits.

What is cryptocurrency lending?

Crypto lending is the possibility to lend funds to an exchange that uses them to maintain margin trading liquidity. The platform will lend your capital to users who can trade with an x5 leverage on WhiteBIT. Thus, the exchange guarantees the fulfillment of all conditions and the integrity of the deal. Once the specified period is over, you will get a fixed profit.

Lending can be compared to passive income earned on a deposit. It makes your funds “work” without your having to trade them. However, unlike banks with a similar function, deposits on a cryptocurrency exchange are correlated with margin trading loans.

The principle of lending on WhiteBIT

As for now, you can try crypto lending with BTC, ETH, and USDT. Users can make up to 26% APR for BTC, 26% for ETH, and 30% APR for USDT. Just a few simple actions will be needed to start generating income. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Sign up on the exchange.
  2. Deposit funds to the optimal plan (there are options ranging from 10 to 180 days for BTC & ETH and from 10 to 360 days for USDT) and activate it.
  3. Get the profit when the lending period is over.

The benefits of crypto lending

Such a way of making profits is an excellent alternative to trading and allows you to raise income with little effort. Here are just some of the reasons why you should try crypto lending:

  • Minimum investment. In the beginning, you can deposit just a small amount by choosing a plan for a short time period. This will allow you to understand whether this way of making income is suitable for you personally.
  • Easy start. Neither trading experience nor deep market knowledge is necessary for cryptocurrency lending. You will lend capital to other users and receive a guaranteed interest on their use.
  • Putting free funds to use. With the help of crypto lending, you can receive income even from the funds you do not need for trading. The only difference lies in the way of holding: instead of a wallet, assets are stored on the exchange.
  • Benefiting from the increased price. Unlike fiat funds, lending cryptocurrencies allows you to make a profit due to the rise in asset value. This can be a nice bonus to the interest earned from your lending funds.

Start earning passively now!



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