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Crypto Spring: March Activities

Welcome spring with a series of activities, which can bring you not only invaluable experience but also good income 😉 We have prepared 5 cool competitions, the details of which can be found below. Read the requirements, and tune in to an active spring!

Rewards for KYC verification

It’s a very simple yet very profitable activity! In addition to enhanced functionality, KYC-verified participants will have a chance to share the $10,000 prize pool.

Duration: from the 3rd till the 31st of March

Prize pool: $10,000

Find more detailed information in the article.

Fiat depositing championship

Deposit fiat equal to $50 or more (excluding deposit fees) and compete for the first, second, or third prize ($50, $30, or $20). Or, be one of the winners to share the $4000 prize pool ($10 to each winner).

Duration: from the 3rd till the 31st of March (4 p.m. UTC)

Prize pool: 4000 USDT

Read more about the activity in the article.

$5000 to the most active traders

Improve your skills by trading BTC/USDT for a month! Make the largest trading volume and split the $5000 prize pool.

Duration: from the 3rd till the 31st of March (2 p.m. UTC)

Prize pool: 5000 USDT

Winners: 500

Look for the details in our article.

Women. Spring. Crypto.

We offer you to go through 3 rounds of challenges, each with a separate prize pool. Participation in each round is not necessary, but users who pass all three stages will have the opportunity to win more valuable prizes.

Round 1: 100 BTC to fulfill a dream

Write an Instagram post about what you would spend 100 BTC on. Participants to fulfill all the conditions are guaranteed to share the prize pool!

Duration: from the 3rd till the 9th of March (3 p.m. UTC)

Prize pool: $550

Prizes: merch boxes

Round 2: Crypto tulips

Sign up on the exchange if you haven’t yet, join us on Instagram, look for tulip emojis in our Instagram Stories, and participate in the $150 giveaway.

Duration: from the 15th till the 20th of March

Prize pool: $150

Winners: 6

Round 3: Crypto standouts

Take the crypto knowledge test with more than 60% correct answers. Users who participated in the first two rounds will compete for $300, and new users will be able to win merch boxes.

Duration: from the 24th till the 30th of March

The prize pool for the participants of the 1st and 2nd rounds: $300

Winners: 3

Prizes for new users: merch boxes

Winners: 10

Find more information about each round here.

10 USDT for the best crypto advice

Become the author of the best advice for beginner crypto enthusiasts and get a chance to win 10 USDT.

Duration: from the 11th till the 22nd of March

Prize pool: $150

Activity details are described here.

Decorate your trading with bright colors of our activities and earn!

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