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Expanding Opportunities: The First Trading Pair With TRY Is Here

Recently, we added an option to buy crypto on our exchange with the Turkish lira (TRY) via the UTORG payment system through Buy crypto.

Now, you can trade TRY on our exchange in the USDT/TRY pair. You can deposit TRY through the Advcash payment service.

How to make a deposit using Advcash?

✔️ Create an account on our exchange.

✔️ Verify your identity.

✔️ Go to the Balances page.

✔️ Click “Deposit” next to TRY.

✔️ Choose Advcash as a merchant.

✔️ Enter the amount you want to deposit.

✔️ Click “Confirm.”

To make it work, a user has to be signed up on Advcash, pass identity verification, and have enough funds on the balance to complete an operation.

Once it is done, the funds will be credited to your balance in 10–20 minutes. That’s it, you can trade TRY and enjoy profits!

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