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Get Notifications About Deposits & Withdrawals Opening

We are happy to announce that from now on when deposits or withdrawals get temporarily disabled, you can set up email notifications to find out when they are available again. The feature works for cryptocurrencies, including those supported by multiple blockchains. Activate it to stay updated about all the opportunities on our exchange and plan your actions in advance.

How to set up notifications?

You will get separate emails upon switching on deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, you can choose notifications for the tokens available on either one or all supported networks with various standards. There will be separate notifications for each token standard. To activate the feature, take the following steps:

1. Click the Account tab in the top right corner and select the Spot Balance.

2. Tap “Deposit” or “Withdrawal” next to the desired asset.

3. If the deposit/withdrawal is temporarily unavailable, you will see a pop-up informing you about it. Click “Notify when network opens”.

4. You will get another pop-up saying that you have successfully signed up for a notification.

Once the deposits or withdrawals are available, you will get notified by email.

Note that you will have to select the networks for tokens available on multiple blockchains. For example, with AGRS, you can get separately notified when the withdrawals/deposits of the token become available on either Omni or Ethereum network or both.

If the deposits/withdrawals are not available for one or some of the multiple networks, you will see “Closed” on the button for the corresponding network. Let’s say OMNI-, BEP-20- and TRC-20-based USDT is available for withdrawals, but ERC-20-based USDT is currently turned off. To get notified upon switching on ERC-20, select the network and click “Notify when ERC-20 network opens”.

Note that the feature is available for crypto only, so you cannot get notifications about the resumption of work for fiat currencies.

Set up email notifications of your choice and simplify working with our exchange!



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