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Get to Know XRates Better!

Our partner, XRates, allows exchanging WhiteBIT Codes on the most favorable terms in no time.

What is XRates?

XRates is an exchange offices monitor that keeps track of the rates provided by online exchanges. It facilitates the process of searching for the exchange service with the best rate.

The website stands out by a convenient interface, so the user can start converting assets right away. The first thing you’ll see when entering the site is the table with the best exchange rates for the most popular directions. You are provided with the info on the exchanger, the currency pairs you can exchange, the volume of reserved funds for the given direction, the fee, and the reviews.

Just below, there’s a table where you can choose any exchange direction. It includes the info on the e-money, cryptocurrencies, and bank/cards/wire transfer for both the asset you want to buy and the one you want to get. Here, you can choose the best rate at which to exchange your WhiteBIT Code.

XRates is a handy tool that saves your time by aggregating the best options for you to choose from. However, this monitoring service has other advantages that distinguish it from similar platforms.

The benefits of monitoring currencies via XRates

The use of XRates makes the monitoring process easy, secure, and cost-saving. Learn about all the perks you’ll get if opting for the service:

  • Cost-efficiency. The platform has saved its users a total of 1 million dollars.
  • Reliability. XRates constantly verifies the exchangers it recommends for use, so users can find out operators’ credibility by checking their Webmoney business rating and customer reviews.
  • Up-to-dateness. The data on the website is updated every 20–30 seconds for visitors to always keep abreast of the latest changes as to currency rates.
  • Forum. Users can exchange e-currencies that are not listed. Besides, they can gain a better understanding of the topic of digital assets by entering discussions with other forum members.
  • Comprehensive info. The monitor provides relevant information on 100+ electronic currencies.

Currency monitoring services save its users the trouble of searching for profitable exchange options, making all the necessary data available in a few clicks. XRates helps to find your perfect service to exchange digital currencies and WhiteBIT Codes quickly, profitably, and securely.

Try out the service to fully grasp the benefits it provides!



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