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Margin Trading is now available on our exchange!

Our team has been working on this for a while now, and we are very excited to share the results.

At the moment, we offer 5x leverage on BTC/USDT pair; however, more options are coming soon.

◾️What’s Margin Trading?

It is a trading method that allows users to make more profit with leverage provided by a third party. The trader is only required to commit a certain percentage of the total order value.

➡️ For instance, if you want to open a 5,000 USDT trade at a leverage of 5:1, you need to commit 1,000 USDT.

◾️How does it work on WhiteBIT?

You are welcome to explore the Margin page and start trading. Of course, a detailed manual will be up in our Medium blog shortly.

We are constantly improving our exchange, and a lot of amazing tools are coming up.

Check out our Margin Trading and stay tuned for more!

WhiteBIT Team



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