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Meet DEMO Token & Win 1 BTC!

“Here at WhiteBIT, we are constantly adding new features and focus on safety and user-friendliness. We have started out as traders too, so we know what losing a fair amount of money and nerves on those first attempts in crypto feels like.

That’s why we have created a DEMO Token. It’s absolutely free and it helps beginners to improve their trading game. The stock market already had something similar, but this feature is very rare for the crypto market. Even Binance doesn’t have it yet.” — says Artem Gordadze, Chief Strategy Officer of WhiteBIT.

What’s DEMO Token?

DEMO Token is a free token that allows users to practice in crypto trading without wasting real money. This feature helps to get used to our exchange’s design and find out all the important things about trading. Pro traders can use DEMO Token to test their strategies and new trading tools.

With DEMO Token new users can test our Main and Trade Balances, check out the Live Trading chart and its indicators, and test different trading tools: Market & Limit Orders as well as Stop-Market & Stop-Limit Orders. They are meant to reduce losses when the price of a currency goes up or down.

After learning everything about the exchange’s functionality, users can try their own trading strategies and test their efficiency. The next step is the actual crypto trading.

How to receive DEMO Tokens?

  • Sign up on WhiteBIT. KYC is not required!
  • Go to the Codes page and click the Receive DEMO Token button
  • You’ll see a window with DEMO Token codes and a short guide for their activation (0,5 DBTC and 1000 DUSDT)
  • Copy the code and close the pop-up, then click the Activate Code button
  • Paste the copied code in the corresponding field and click Activate

DEMO Token Trading Tournament

On the 13th of July, we will be launching the DEMO Token Trading Tournament. The prize is 1 BTC, which can be a great ticket to the world of trading or a very nice bonus for a pro trader.

Join right now and secure a pre-registration bonus!

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WhiteBIT is a centralized European exchange. We guarantee security, reliability and lower fees for our users. Trade your way with us! https://whitebit.com/

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WhiteBIT is a crypto exchange platform. We guarantee security, reliability and lower fees for our users. Trade your way with us! https://whitebit.com/

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