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Q&A session with BLXM | Transcript

Q: Each project has a rich history. Can you tell us your motivation for starting this project?

A: One common thread in our history is that the three founders and some team members originally come from Daimler, the mother company of Mercedes-Benz. That’s where our know-how of mobility and our networks in the corporate world originate.

As motivation, we all believe that decentralized systems, crypto, blockchain, and DID offer a new way of doing business. A new method that scales better, is more secure and leaves more value in the hands of those who create it.

One of the founders, Sofia, adds the skill of psychology and neuroscience as a psychologist. For her, the interface between humans and technology, as well as the question about trust in a decentralized system were exciting. It is how we came together; the project started at Mercedes-Benz. She met Harry, another founder, and we started our collaboration here. Dani is also from Mercedes-Benz but more for the tech side, bringing experience in decentralizing technologies and AI.

We want to change the industry and the way different companies do business. Now the platforms are centralized, that means someone “controls everything.” In the future they will be more decentralized.

Q: Оne of the use cases of bloXmove is “Power & Mobility”. Can you tell us what exactly it means? What benefits will it bring to the users on bloXmove?

A: This term originates with one of our early partners in the energy sector, 50Hertz.com.

Their mother company, the Elia Group, published a fundamental study, almost a manifesto, on making Europe carbon-neutral by 2050. Here is the state:

“Making the EU the world’s first climate-neutral economy will require more than just an energy transition. To cut CO2 emissions by 2050, many sectors must make far-reaching changes. Two sectors that play a key role in society have the leverage needed to do this: Power and Mobility.”

First, we decentralize and connect the two industrial sectors: energy and mobility. That is the big trend right now. Many different use cases are evolving between these two industries; it is a future market.

Our working philosophy is at protocol levels, meaning that the core technology is easily adaptable to different use cases that share a similar business model. Mobility and energy may be seen as separate, but they exploit the overlapping points and can connect both words.

We will see the following cool products in 5 to 10 years. When we use more electric vehicles, we charge them at the workplace, drive home, plug in, and exploit the battery’s energy for washing machines. In the back end, we need to deal with many transactions, from identification to settlement. It is where bloXmove builds and offers the operating system and infrastructure with partners like Energy Web etc.

Both decentralized by definition markets connect with the new EV trends. In turn, we unite them at both business and tech levels. So “Power meets Mobility” is not only one product; it is our philosophy and mission. Here is one excellent description of our main Proof-of-Concept with Energy Web and 50Hertz. That also explains why we cooperate closely with the Energy Web Foundation.

Q: BLXM is an essential part of your ecosystem, the proper functioning and growth of your services. What benefits could users get for holding BLXM?

A: Several existing mechanisms are in place to reward holders of BLXM. In addition, we are working hard on increasing real-world utility in mobility and sustainable green power: our investor portal offers substantial rewards for providing liquidity (USDC/BLXM) and staking of BLXM.

We will also go live with our first mobility app in the emerging market of Nigeria. Here, BLXM will be the token used to pay for the utility of the function, i.e., transaction fees. Once circulation picks up, this should demand the token.

Last but not least, we are about to launch the core engine of our mobility platform, NFTicket, as a stand-alone protocol. We can apply the NFTicket and NFTCert mechanisms to a broader range of industries and markets than “only” mobility.

We continue developing new features in which the BLXM plays a key role: the utility increases, and the BLXM loyal community will get special treatment as deserved.

Q: Please tell us about bloXpower. There are charging point operators in the German and European consortiums. Does your project have plans for global expansion? How do you plan to expand the range of bloXmove?

A: bloXpower is bundling all initiatives and projects we build and execute related to the energy sector. It doesn’t matter which infrastructure provider built the charging station for vehicles to the grid. Here we applied for different grants and innovation programs for the European Innovation Council (EIC).

We are in big consortiums with SAP, TenneT, UnternehmerTUM, and many more. Now, we focus on Germany, Netherlands, and Europe overall. The energy markets are very diverse on a global level. bloXmove acts globally with all the different project streams. One of our newest and coolest collaborations is with a big player in India.

As for bloXmove expansion in mobility, it’s not a plan of growth but a fact. We are working hard to bring our mobility solution to Nigeria live, and this is happening. Of course, a decentralized technology asks for decentralized users. We are primarily located in Europe and now entering Nigeria. Once settled, we will move towards the next market, most probably LATAM or Asia. Please check out an awesome Twitter live chat with the Nigeria team and CELO as the mainnet provider.

CELO is well established in Nigeria and has an apparent compromise with green and sustainable solutions. CELO is one player for us in our multichain main net strategy. We joined the CELO camp with our partners from NRverse. In two weeks, there will be a product demo.

Q: bloXmove is an Urban Mobility Alliance on scooters & bikes, taxis & cars, buses & trains. Is your project currently focused on roads only? What about air and waterways? Do you plan to expand your alliance to planes or ships?

A: Our vision is big: bloXmove will be the operating system for multimode mobility. It can include a bike, scooter, plane, or spaceship. With first partners like Lufthansa and Eurowings, we are in good talks, and as you can see, many other airlines are exploring the Web3 space right now. They test first services like buying tickets in the metaverse and joining NFT collections for memberships, so there is much to come.

We are on a mission to make mobility and related service composable based on decentralization. It should be as simple as registering your vehicle or service through a standard interface and the protocol, then ensuring the identification, verification, contract execution, and settlement on behalf of the customer and service provider.

We are visionaries and dreamers but, at the same time, challengers and realists. Mobility is a complex industry. bloXmove is special. Less hype, less short-term buzz, and more real-life utilities in the long term.

Q: bloXmove hopes not only to reinvent the way we move in urban areas but to drive this revolution with certified green energy. Will bloXmove invest in projects already established with this vision? Or will you create your companies and units using green energy?

A: Part of the NFTicket solution is that it also handles NFTCertificates. It means we can create Verifiable Credentials (VC) proving ownership of carbon offsets or guarantees of origin for renewable energy and package them as NFTCertificates.

We are working closely with NRVerse.io and the Energy Web Foundation to put this protocol at the center of marketing, collecting, and trading Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC: the generic term for such certificates of ownership in the renewable energy sector).

Stay tuned for some fascinating news on how we plan to launch the protocol in a way that gives our community an excellent chance to participate in this new protocol and generate value through the BLXM you are already holding.

It is a protocol where we combine Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials. We leverage this precisely in Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC), such as carbon offsets or guarantees of origin.

It will also move closer and closer to our core area of mobility: both scooters (see India and China) and cars are rapidly becoming electric. Therefore, they are essential parts of a sustainable Power & Mobility ecosystem. Electric vehicles need charging points, another decentralized market, and a precise contact point.

Q: Are you planning to create local community groups to reach users worldwide? Do you have an ambassador program where interested users can participate and spread the word about your project globally?

A: We started with the first local groups: Turkish and Chinese. We have supporters translating our articles into Spanish. But right now, we see that one thing is more than valuable and relevant — focus on building.

But we love working with passionate ambassadors and collaborating with five volunteers. First, we want to see new members in our global community. The BLXM community is also starting in Nigeria and will grow as soon as BLXM enters use for the mobility application.

Q: What are the priorities of bloXmove in 2022, and how do you see your project in the next 3–5 years?

A: We went through a significant reorientation last quarter, allowing us to focus laser-sharp on the following topics. The times are changing, and so is bloXmove: new focus areas and prioritization in 2022.

The immediate and core projects are:

Read more details after the Q&A in our quarterly update. On an ongoing basis, we continue to work on our existing projects and infrastructure. We are entirely dedicating the Germany-side part of our operation to participating in big government and corporate-funded research projects. You will get all roadmap updates here.



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