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🤳 Show off your achievements and share 2000 USDT 🤳

We want to see you succeed in our futures trading. Hence, we are launching an activity where you can show off your results and win a prize in USDT!

Here’s what to do:

sign up on the exchange if you haven’t done it yet;

verify your identity;

✅ join our Telegram chat;

✅ make a screenshot of your deal on futures trading and send it to our Telegram chat with #WhiteBITfutures hashtag;

✅ fill in the form.

Prize pool: 2000 USDT

Duration: from the 13th till the 22nd of June

Winners: 50

The winners will be determined on the 29th of June.

📌 The minimum amount of your position must be at least 10 USDT.

📌 If the amount of the position is, for example, 20 USDT, your chances of winning will double. The bigger the position, the more chances you have to win.

📌 Confidential information in the screenshot should be hidden.

📌 Users from Russia and Belarus are not allowed to participate in the activity.

Share your success with futures!

WhiteBIT Team



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