The mining pools launch

Jul 19 · 1 min read

WSEDAO is a decentralized yield farming platform that enables users to seamlessly manage, optimize, and deploy their assets to get the best returns across protocols.

We are pleased to announce that the mining pools that use CLR to mine WSD will launch starting July 22 (UTC 00:00) to July 26. The specific rules are as follows:

1. The total supply of WSD issued is 21 million. Except for 940,000 WSD used to provide initial liquidity and late compensation, all other WSD are mined by burning CLR; the size of the mining pool is 9.22 million WSD, 1.98 million WSD and 9.8 million WSD;

2. WSD mining pools have the maximum output limit of the day, and all WSD that have not reached the peak of the mining power and have not been mined will be intelligently destroyed;

3. The burning pool must have more than 7 supernodes to launch, the pool will officially start after the requirements are met between July 22 and July 26;

4. The daily burning pool output is between 6,900–13,800 WSD, and the output will decrease periodically;

5. In the 600-day mining period of the entire network, the maximum mining period for each individual mining wallet address is 210 days;

6. The early-stage risks and returns of liquidity mining pools fluctuate greatly;

7. The first 10% CLR batch will be released at the same time;

8. For other unfinished matters, please pay attention to the recent announcement.


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