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The Referral Program is Now Available in the Mobile App

In the latest update of the WhiteBIT app, another useful tool has been added to its arsenal — a referral program. Read more about the new functionality below.

What is a referral program, and how can you earn money with it?

It is WhiteBIT’s program that allows you to receive 40% of the trading fees paid by the users who signed up on the exchange via your referral link. For example, if the trading volume of your referrals (the users you invited) is $100 000 a month, and the fee is $100, you will get a $40 profit (40% of the fee). The more referrals you have and the more actively they trade, the higher your earnings.

This bonus is paid monthly (on the 1st day of every month within 24 hours starting from 00:00 UTC) and is displayed in the currencies traded by your referrals.

How does the new section in the app work?

Now you can access all the benefits of the referral program using the exchange’s mobile app! By clicking on “Get my referral link”, unauthorized users will be redirected to the login page. At the same time, authorized ones will be able to access the new functionality right away.

At the very top of the referral program window, you can see the number of your referrals, how many of them have passed KYC verification, and the total profit in the USD equivalent. Below, you can copy your referral ID and link to invite new users to the exchange.

Further down the page, you will see a list of your referrals, the dates of their registration, and the profit received from their fees. Using the “Invite user” button, you can generate a QR code and share it or save it to the gallery.

Install the WhiteBIT app for iOS or Android and invite your friends to the exchange! Others trade — you earn!

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