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The Winners of The FLOW Trading Competition

🏆The FLOW trading competition is over🏆

It’s always nice to see people trading! Congratulations to the winners!

Here they are:
1. flo******@*****.com
2. Tri******@*****.com
3. san*******@******.com
4. pla********@****.io
5. ahm********@*****.com
6. sak********@*****.com
7. da************@*****.com
8. eze*********@*****.com
9. dul********@*****.com
10. nic**@*********.uk
11. cav**********@*****.com
12. rob*********@*****.com
13. hah****@*****.com
14. dmi***********@*****.com
15. ron*************@*******.com
16. bra*****@****************.es
17. car*****@*****.com
18. jam**************@*****.com
19. gkc*******@*****.com
20. tua**********@*****.com
21. cry**********@*****.com
22. ash************************@*****.com
23. saj********@*****.com
24. ron**********@*****.com
25. qpp*********@*****.com
26. ghi******@*****.com
27. alf*******@*****.com
28. isa*********@*****.com
29. ple**********@*****.com

And we’re not done with giving out prizes yet! You can join our Bring-a-Referral Bounty and win 64 FLOW for you and 32 FLOW for each of your 3 friends.

Stay tuned for more amazing activities with FLOW!

WhiteBIT Team



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