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💰Trade and get rewarded!💰

💰Hurry up to win before the trading competition ends!💰

💥30 users to reach the highest FLOW/ETH trading volume will get rewards from the prize pool of 6250 FLOW.

Our Trading Competition with FLOW will continue till the 22nd of October.

The 1st place will get 2000 FLOW, the 2nd place — 1000 FLOW, the 3rd place — 500 FLOW, the 4th place — 250 FLOW, the 5th-30th places — 100 FLOW.

The results will be announced on the 23rd of October. The rewards will be distributed in WhiteBIT Codes within 72 hours after the end of the competition via Email.

😉 Btw, in case you’re looking for the 6th part of the WhiteBIT Code for our Code Hunt contest. Here it is: e52FLOW

Hurry up to take part and trade FLOW!

WhiteBIT Team



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