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Do you want to exchange currencies without placing orders and other obstacles? Or maybe you want to buy crypto for fiat? Then the Exchange page is exactly what you need.

How does it work?

To make an exchange, you need to be registered and logged in. You also need to transfer your funds from Main to Trade Balance. It can be done right on the same page.

You need to choose a pair and type in the amount you want to exchange. To make it easier to find the desired currency, use the search tool. The amount in the “I receive” field is filled in automatically.

So if you want to exchange 100 USD into BTC, select USD near the “I give” field and type in the amount. Then pick BTC near the “I receive” field. After that, you will see the exact sum you will receive.

If you can’t find a currency in the “I receive” drop-down list, this means that it is disabled at the moment.

You can also use the MAX button, which will transfer all available funds into the “I give” field. This amount is calculated based on the current maximum in the orderbook.

For instance, if you have 10 BTC on the Trade balance and there are only 5 BTC on the trade now, click on the MAX button, and 5 BTC will appear in the “I give” field.

If there are no orders available for the selected currency pair, the funds will be returned to your Balance. If you haven’t closed all the orders for the selected currency pair, this part of your funds will be returned to your Balance.

If you’re using the “Exchange” page for the first time, you need to agree to the User Agreement (once). To do that, mark the check box near the “I agree to the User Agreement” field.

Click the “Exchange” button. After that, click “Yes” in the pop-up window if all the fields are filled correctly, or “Cancel” if you want to change the amount.

When a transaction is completed, the information about it will be displayed in history. The history of the last 5 transactions for the selected pair is available at the bottom of the page:

Key points:

- Current rate shows the rate of a selected pair at the moment. It changes every second.

- Rate for 24 hours shows the percentage of the change in the value of a coin/token in 24 hours.

- Fee shows the amount of the commission in percentages and in coins/tokens you exchange to. It is updated and calculated every second.

- If in the “I give” field you enter the amount that exceeds the available amount in the orderbook, you will see a notification about an error.

- If you enter the amount in the “I give” field, but there are no offers to exchange the selected pair in the orderbook, then the “I receive” field will remain the same (0).




WhiteBIT is a centralized European exchange. We guarantee security, reliability and lower fees for our users. Trade your way with us! https://whitebit.com/

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WhiteBIT is a crypto exchange platform. We guarantee security, reliability and lower fees for our users. Trade your way with us! https://whitebit.com/

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