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WhiteBIT Highlights 2020

It has been an eventful year! WhiteBIT has come a long way, as there is so much to celebrate. Let’s go through the key achievements 2020 has brought us:

  • The updated Balance Page now includes everything a user needs: from transaction history to improved deposit and withdrawal windows.
  • The exchange tool has become even more user-friendly: now, one can easily see the balance for particular currencies, quickly find them, check the history for the selected trading pair, and so on.
  • We have introduced Conditional Orders, a trading tool that helps avoid losses when the price of the selected pair containing BTC or ETH goes up or down.
  • Our exchange has integrated Mercuryo, a secure payment service that allows purchasing cryptocurrency directly from your credit card.
  • We have partnered with GEO-pay, a payment service that can be used to make low-fee deposits and withdrawals of Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH).
  • Margin Trading was launched: this tool allows using leverage to trade with amounts exceeding your personal funds by several times to multiply potential profits.
  • We have introduced free DEMO tokens that allow users to get the hang of trading without risking real assets.
  • The updated Order Book makes it easier to keep track of the info it features, and the Market window on the Live Trading page can now be sorted based on Market, Price, Volume, or Change.
  • A new design of the homepage is more convenient, stylish, and easy to navigate. A user can return to the banner by clicking on its title, and access the info on Gainers, Losers & 24H Volume Top included in a new table. Besides, all the key tools are listed as separate blocks.
  • Trigger-Stop Orders have been introduced for Margin Trading that are filled when the specified price is met. They automate buying or selling assets at the right time and do not require locking the funds when placing an order.
  • The referral program was launched that allows getting up to 40% of each trading fee paid by the people who signed up on WhiteBIT via your referral link.
  • We have had AMA sessions with Dash, Justin Sun, Horizen, Hacken, Ripple Alpha, Dynamic, zzz.finance, UNITED Token, Kala, Bloomzed Loyalty Club Ticket, DefHold, DigitalNote, Aurus, and RapidZ.
  • 40 Bounty campaigns have been held.
  • We have successfully conducted two Trading Competitions: the one with Dash and WhiteBIT December (BTC). The competition with DYN is already on!
  • Our app for iOS and Android has seen numerous updates, including the integration of Customer Support and push notifications.
  • 120 coins were listed, including innovative DeFi tokens and other top-performing assets.
  • 36 SMART Staking Plans were launched.
  • We have teamed up with Hacken.io, a top-tier cybersecurity company that provides an assessment of protection level and blockchain security consulting, among other services.
  • WhiteBIT has become available in Spanish.
  • We have launched WhiteSwap, an automated market-making DEX that currently works on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • We have introduced Bitcoin Global, a P2P platform where one can buy and sell crypto without fees or KYC.
  • We have become #3 in Cybersecurity Ranking, as our safety has been confirmed by Cer.live.
  • AML service was integrated, meaning users can check addresses for involvement in money laundering operations.

Thank you for choosing WhiteBIT. Get ready for more exciting things coming next year!



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