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Why Choose Crypto Over Fiat?

The last few months have been a roller coaster for fiat currencies and stock markets. The main reason for that is the pandemic of COVID-19, which took even the most powerful economies of the world by surprise. On the 9th of March, Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ-100 indexes fell more than 7%. This was followed by Black Thursday, the day when stocks across Europe and North America fell more than 9%.

According to the head of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), coronavirus was a greater shock to the economy than the crisis of 2008–2009. Analysts predict that even in case of the best scenario the Ukrainian hryvnia will collapse to 30 UAH./$1, while the Russian ruble will continue to fall despite all the efforts of the Central Bank of Russia. It is expected that economic recovery will begin in 2021, but only if the problems with liquidity are avoided. And as of now, the biggest risk for that is the wave of bankruptcies all over the world.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, we can already see a positive trend after a significant drop. Bitcoin has returned to its January level, crossing the $6,000 mark. Plus, at the moment, digital currencies have way more advantages than fiat. They are almost not prone to inflation, you can send them from one part of the globe to another in a very short time and with lower fees, and the system itself is transparent and accessible to everyone.

We have added 22 new trading pairs with fiat including RUB, UAH, and USDT for those who want to make some profit on currency fluctuations. Because as we all understand, in a situation like this, weak national currencies will continue to lose their value.

The main pairs are:


The full list can be found here.

How can you profit from it?

On 15 March you bought 1.000 USDT at the rate of 79.595 RUB/USDT = 79.595 RUB
On 30 March you converted 1.000 USDT at the rate of 84.282 RUB/USDT = 84.282 RUB
Your profit in 15 days = 4.687 RUB

Quite easy, right?

Deposits and withdrawals on are available through such payment systems as Advcash, Qiwi, Visa/MasterCard, Perfect Money, Yandex Money, and Interkassa.

Along with the Conditional Orders that are already available on our exchange, margin trading is coming very soon, followed closely by Futures platform, P2P platform, and more.

In times like these, when digital horizons are constantly expanding, and countries are thinking about introducing digital currencies, this is the perfect chance to start keeping your savings in crypto. Think about it, you’re only two clicks away from turning your money into a profitable digital asset without even leaving the house. Just pick the right strategy and trade wisely!

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