FLUTTBRR — The World’s Dumbest Sounding Marketing Plan!

Setting up a response funnel can seem tough but, it doesn’t need to be. You need to have some content assets in place, of course, and understand how you need to engage with your potential clients. But, with the right understanding and planning, you can transform your services from “nice to have” to “I want this more than anything ever!”?

Check out the video below, where we’re going to show you the exact elements we use to build response funnels for ourselves, and our customers.

This video is a result of a training session we had with a customer of ours. Once it was done, we realized, some slight changes to remove proprietary information would leave us with an incredibly valuable training video for our clientele of creative professionals and consultants. If you want to use this guide to train your clients too, go for it. If you’ve read our other stuff, you know we’re dedicated to helping brands become social, economic and cultural drivers of change. Nothing would make us happier than a wave of growth for all businesses and industries.

Enjoy the video and jump into the comments if you have any questions!

TL;DW (Too loud, didn’t watch)

Basically, what we’re going to be doing is creating a response funnel. By the end of the video, you’ll have the complete eight-step funnel, which is all you need to create a high converting, smart digital response strategy. Not only does it let us create the strategy for the funnel and answer some questions I guarantee that you haven’t thought of but it also lets us physically put together a plan for the funnel that we can then build very, very quickly, which, if you’ve watched or read any of our other content, you’ll know this is the core of our Strategy Before Design methodology.

Grab the download from the blog post, here.

If you’re serious about getting conversions from your response funnel, you’re going to need great, relevant content, quickly.

You need to check out The 10 X 10 Content Matrix.

I referenced this during the FLUTTBRR training above but, in a nutshell, this process will show you how to create 2 years’ worth of high-value, silo-ready content ideas for your response funnel, in just 2 hours.

Learn More about the 10 x 10 Content Matrix

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