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Tron-Ethereum token migration announcement

We are thrilled to announce that the first phase of token migration airdrops will start at UTC 15:00 tonight to reward ALL users who added WSD/USDT liquidity on WhiteSwap TRON.

We estimate that all the WSD TRC20 output of the liquidity pool will be airdropped in 4 phases, and the interval between each phase is about one to two weeks. Due to the large discrepancy between statistical data from communities and actual data, the first phase of airdrops will be carried out in three batches, lasting 3 days.

The specific airdrop times are as follows
1st batch: UTC 13:00 05/19
2nd batch: UTC 10:00 05/20
3rd batch: UTC 10:00 05/21

WSD migration scale

1. The ratio of the first phase of the migration is a comprehensive value, ranging from 1:1–1:7, and the user’s liquidity adding time (since 2021.11.11), liquidity reward withdrawal, liquidity size, team performance ratio week-on-week (α/β/P), whether the pool has been withdrawn or not, etc. are related to factors. The overall principle is that more work is more rewarding, similar to POW mechanism.

2. The migration ratio is related to the WSD ERC20 price, that is, the lower the ratio, the higher the expected value of the price.

3. The constant exchange value of WSS:WSD ERC20 is 1:1.

WSS/WSD trading pair

1. WhiteSwap will soon launch the WSS/WSD trading pair. Users who have not participated in the TRC20 WSD/USDT liquidity pool can exchange through the WSS and WSD TRC20 trading pairs.

2. The initial exchange value of WSS:WSD TRC20 is 1:1, and it will change with the market free trading.

3. Also for this part, WSS:WSD ERC20 constant exchange value is 1:1.

Thank you again for your support and participation, we will open the TRC20 WSD/USDT liquidity pool next week. Enjoy your trading on WhiteBIT!



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