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Teleporting into peoples’ worlds through the collaborative game of T vs Z, seeing the blogs of other students immersed in nature in northern states of the U.S and sharing my culture, allowed me to get to know my classmates as well as looking at technology in a new way. What I thought would be a fight to see who could be the Queen B. of twitter, turned into a rather interactive game in which as a member of team Nature I would share my world and get to know some of my classmates better. Isn't that what human nature is all about?

Upon deciding to join team nature or as I like to call transcendental dreams I went on a search to see other students’ hiding spots. I saw students expressing the romantic language of French through Vines and others with a story to tell from with a blog expressing a passion for forestry and for peasant and hippie fashion.

At first I was a bit confused as to where everyone was and whether or not I would be recruited without having had explored and met other people. The fist day of observance and following finished with a picture of the place I called my thinking spot, which is The Brea Dam trail on an early murky and autumn morning with the smell of pine when I run there.

The next Saturday evening I learned how the theme of an Apocalypse came to be in which I found the TvsZ Official story guide that led me to continue exploring and observing how other people interacted through goofy Vines, and unique pictures that represented people’s concepts of technology, from Matrix inspired mechanical eye to George Orwell’s Utopia. However the game really began as when I commented on a classmate’s pristine photo with a Red admiral butterfly on guayabas, team technology knocked on the door. At this point I learned the importance of not going into the game alone. I had been eating some sopes and this led to me surrendering as I had to honor the rules. My call to my team was heard as Aurora rescued me.

Later that night I really heard the voice of team nature as Natalie, Aurora, Autumn and I collaborated on suggesting the five foods and tools/ preserves to help us survive the flood. At this point although I had tweeted earlier that technology stems and is inspired by from mother nature, I had to admit the game which I used both forces felt like when I was young again; a time in which I would play outside and make potions with petals and make carrot cakes for my rabbits.

Collaboratively our team devised a strategy in which we gained wilderness skills from a video on how to build a raft. We also pitched in some amusing tweets involving salt and lemons. I also got the opportunity to look at some unique delicacies in Egypt such as Molokhya (jute leaves) which are a healthy and organic food choices.

To save us from famine we relied on natural foods such as: fish for o-mega 3's , a goat for milk, and a chicken to lay some eggs, barley(oats), beans and berries.

My wish to continue to the next mission was unfortunately cut short as I went to my Tia’s house where I played hide and seek and sang a couple of my favorite tunes such as “Mucho Corazon” which I would consider my own personal folklore treasure and hiding spot.

Overall, I had a great time playing TvsZ, it brought out the kid in me and showed that creativity and connectivity matters in surviving in any context. Although, I did not get a chance to really get to the root of the game, by creating another team or creating rules which I was unsure of how to do, I know that technology will continue to prosper and perhaps for the better, only if it joins forces with nature and does not overpower its creator.

Tweet: Nature means being one with your mind & body, running in the murky morning with the smell of pine about #TvsZ #TeamZ

Photocredit: By coughsyrup78

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