Kelsey Downey: A Combination of Softball and Science

Kelsey Downey balances Health Sciences and Softball at Whitworth University
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Kelsey Downey enjoys her life. This is abundantly clear though spending any length of time with her. A passionate teammate to her softball counterparts, she balances the intensity of school and sport with laughter and smiles on the field and a willingness to go with the flow life presents off of it.

With being both a Health Science major and softball team member, she embodied her two primary identities and as a Whitworth student and easy-going personality by walking around campus in a lab coat and a softball bat in hand. And, to further emphasize the meshing of her two worlds, she shattered a beaker with a beautiful swing in the slow motion video below

Downey is one part softball, one part science, and all parts authentic. She is not one to shy away from situations that draw out her charismatic personality. This was made clear as we made our way around Whitworth’s campus searching for a teammate with her equipment bag.

Downey on why she loves softball and how she’s playing better

“Where are you?” asked Downey over the phone for the third call in the past fifteen minutes.

As we arrived to the batting cages where the gear resided, the banter of teammates fueled with the world clearest indication of “loving animosity” ensued.

“You didn’t tell me you’d be at the field” Downey says to her teammate Allie Rude.

“Where else did you think I’d be” Allie replies snarkily in a tone urging an argument to erupt.

After the banter and as we walk up to retrieve her equipment from the car, a smirk crosses Kelsey’s face as she says,

“I love her. She’s my best friend on the team”

Allie had similar things to say about Kelsey,

“She pushes me and doesn’t let me get away with anything less than my best.”

At the end of the day though, it seems that Allie knows that the bantering back and forth isn’t a personal attack,

“I know that all she does and says comes from a place of love and support.”

Who doesn’t like GIFs of shattering glass?

Kelsey is outspoken - in fun teasing ways with teammates who don’t give clear indication of their location - but also in ways that have more of a lasting effect.

It’s that outspoken philosophy that she hopes will define her softball career more than anything else.

“Softball isn’t about what I’m doing. It’s about how I can impact other people.”

she continues -

“Field performance will come and go. But at the end of the day, people remember what kind of teammate you are, not the plays you make.”